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AlgoMaster System

AlgoMaster System Is SCAM

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It is with high importance that you read this review first before considering to register with the newly released AlgoMaster System Scam. The software being new to the market and having a very specific target market of complete new traders to the binary options industry is going viral, and we are receiving more complaints from traders losing their money than we would like to admit. Therefore if you have received a “special invite†form the software, be sure to unsubscribe from their mailing list, and read this full scam review to find out why systems such as these are better off in your junk mail.

James Torn is the CEO of the AlgoMaster System 2.0 software and the actor presenting us with this software. HE does not exactly explain how he came to be the owner or the CEO of the company supposedly based out in Malibu, the only info he gives us is that his is a Secret System and he is only offering it via special invite, and get this… have to have no prior trading experience in order to qualify to trade with the AlgoMaster System scam. This is exactly why it is so important that you read this review before depositing, as sadly they are targeting traders that are unaware of the scam systems currently floating around the internet.


The AlgoMaster System software apparently detects more than nine hundred thousand alerts a day across all assets and commodities with technical indicators. After scanning all alerts the auto trader then decides on which action to take. With regret this is the only information we have been able to pull together for our review, as all the searches we have done with reliable sources have come up empty handed, which means we are fully at James’s mercy with information on how the system works. For day-traders who’ve been following us for a while and know what we look for when we review a software such as the AlgoMaster System 2.0 scam, will know that short explanations like that is not enough, we want details and proof otherwise we do not trust the auto trader or have any confidence that the bot truly works.

If the above information is not enough to stop you from registering for the AlgoMaster System scam, here are a few more facts that we found which will surely change your mind. Those so called testimonials you saw during the presentation giving their “trusted†review on how the AlgoMaster System software has been fairing for them, are sadly anything but real. All you need to do to find out that they will practically say anything you want for a small fee, is to look them up on If you have been following us for a while, you might notice some faces that featured on previous scam reviews we have done not too long ago.

Not only that, James is also a complete nobody. We did some background check into his so called credentials and his identity, and for someone who has such a successful system, there is shockingly no info available on his reputation in the binary options industry. We were also unable to find any links to him and reputable social media profiles, and nowhere were we able to find him mentioned as the owner or CEO of the AlgoMaster System software anywhere except on the, which does not boast confidence that there truly is a link between him and the auto trader.

There are appallingly quite a few inconsistencies with the information you are able to find on the website, which just further proves we are dealing with a scam. Surely if it was a trusted auto trader they would take more pride in getting the data correct. Looking a little bit below the AlgoMaster System scam video, you can clearly see a big sign saying they currently have 1341 members trading with the software, however if you scroll a little further down, notice how it states in the explanation part of the system that they currently have 300 beta testers. So which is it? Another thing worth noticing is that they state the system has been up and running for past twelve months, but if you do a bit of research and look on, you will note that the site has only been around since April this year, making the AlgoMaster System software only six months old, exactly half the time claimed.

The above pieces of evidence proving that the AlgoMaster System is a Scam are only a few points we revealed during our review. We can provide you with more information, however we do not want to wish your time or ours to still come to the same conclusion. If the above report does not convince you that the software is a scam, we don’t know what will. For traders that are new to the industry and reading this review before taking any steps in registering and depositing, we applaud you for doing your research first, as sadly we find that new traders first get burnt before knowing what to look out for or who to trust. Our review today yet again proves why it is with the utmost importance that you follow trusted blogs and review sites, as money can be easily lost if registering with a scam auto trader or broker. The only way to truly ensure you do not fall for a system that is going to drain your account quicker than you can count, is read as much as you can and keep up to date with all new releases in the industry.

Review Verdict: AlgoMaster System is a SCAM!

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In case you already signed up with or any similar fraud, we encourage you to share your feedback below this review and help us warn others from making the same mistake. We also offer help with disputes and complaints and invite you to email us at, we will guide you at no cost if you have a reason to believe that you’re a victim of an online trading scam.

Unfortunately the industry is full of similar “too good to be true” type squeeze pages such as AlgoMaster System 2.0, the key is to always do some research. Look around for credible endorsements and reviews, instead of relying on an advertisement or an email from a spammer you don’t know.

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