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Anna.S :

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m not sure what if anything you can do for me, but I’m hoping there is someone out there that is investigating and shutting down Scam Binary Options Trading Companies.

A Company called Buyer Banker Claimed because they were more of a Bank they were safe to Deal with.

Everything sounded good and the Analyst was taking good care of the Money I had invested the trade with. Michael Green of Buyer Banker explained that they didn’t want to loose my money so they would do the trading for me. At first I was on the calls with him while he was trading in my account and they he did all the trading after hours.

It appears he has made me money. From the time I deposited $250,00. all he did was continually tell me I had to deposit more in order to make more money as that would put me in a different category to trade/

Every time, I deposited money with Buyer Bank my Credit Card Company would call me and warn me that there were a lot of scams going on and I could loose my money. Michael Green Told me that the Canadian Banks don’t want us trading outside of Canada because they want our monies deposited with them so they can make all the money off our money.

I don’t consider myself to be a stupid person but it seems I may have been conned. The whole system on the computer looked legit.

I ended up depositing US$12,990.00 for Michael to trade for meover the last 4 months he has the account sitting at $17474.00, so it appears that he has been making money with tradingmostly all wins and not many losses.

Men, when I tried to withdraw money he was not getting back to me like he usually did daily.

I went trough their chat line and was told they would get the message to him to call me back. Eventually he did and ask me to give him time to show me how good he could trade for me because he was a senior analyst.

I even ask to speak to his superior and was told I could only speak to my Account Analyst.

I called the Toronto Number on the account and just got an answering service. At the present time I haven’t tried calling the Australia , England or Switzerland because it was all long distance and I was hoping not to get further in debt if this is a scam.

Problem is I took this money to invest from my Charge Cards and now have them at their maximum and since my work isn’t bringing in business right now I am living off my Line of credit and I’m running out of money and need the money back I invested to live on.

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