Among the newest binary options auto trading systems is the Lazy Trade App. This company has no connection whatsoever with The Lazy Trader. It is an independent scheme with a business of it own. The CEO of Lazy Trade App is a character called Rick Daniels who claims that he is a college dropout wit interest in mathematics and number which led him to start this project. He claims that he started putting the team together way back in 2011 and they have worked on the system up until now to perfection. There is however no evidence of Lazy Trade App anywhere before 30th January, 2017. The app can be accessed through and it is said you can download and install the app in just 2 minutes.

How does it work?


Go to the website and download Lazy Trade App on your device and install in less than two minutes. With a minimum deposit of $250 get connected with your designated broker and start trading immediately. The “click, profit” algorithm on the app will automatically trade on your behalf with a 99.997% win rate and turn over up to $15,000 a day in profits, guaranteed. The Lazy Trade App is mobile friendly. In fact, it can be easily downloaded and installed on computers, tablets and phones alike. Professionals and beginners in binary options trade can use the app easily.

Ludicrous and incredulous app claims


Now this is the part that sets off a huge bell. The app claims a 97% success rate and also offers a $1000 bonus. Not only that, it is written boldly at the top page when you open the website, “earn up to $15,968.78 a day…”. Yes, you can go ahead and ley your imagination go wild with wonder as your mouth follows suit by hanging wide open. If this was true imagine how wonderful your life could get by using Lazy Trade App. That is exactly the reason why you should second guess this entire scheme and look for proof. Something that sounds too good to be true usually is!

Is Lazy Trader app a scam?

YES, and yes again. There are too many red flags about the entire Lazy Trade App.

To start with Rick Daniels is a fictional character. He doesn’t exist anywhere on the internet and the first mention of him is in the promotional video on the website with all the bogus claims. His so called life story of dropping out of school and sticking to mathematics is a typical script of this line of job and is supposed to impress some into giving a thumbs up for original company innovation. The video is completely scripted with the popular factors of a good life shabbily represented, sports cars, a beautiful woman, big house. The pictures used on the website and promotional video are photo shopped pictures and stock photos and not real people sharing real experiences at all. A simple search on the pictures produced other hits as well making them fake for this website. Fake content equals to fake product in my book. It is not just that the content of the video that is fake, the claims this Rick Daniels makes are ridiculous. One is proven for a fact to be a lie. Rick Daniels claims that he has made 17 million dollars in a span of 7 months from using Lazy Trade App. This is not possible since the website for the app was only founded on 30th January, 2017.

Rick Daniels in the promotional video claims that the app trades when a user is guaranteed to win to achieve the best results. In the same video he states that the system has a win rate of 99.997%. this all sounds good when unrelated but the entire video should be relatable and not contradict itself. These two statements oppose themselves. If the system only goes ahead to trade when users are guaranteed to win then why is the win rate 99.997% and not a complete 100%? They probably did not think to make the entire story about this app rhyme together before they put it up. If it was real, it would not be contradictory in such an obvious way. People make mistakes but numbers never lie and their number do not tally up. Even if their numbers did add up and they could say the success rate was about 99% without the contradiction, it just is not possible. The best auto trade binary options systems that work very well have average success rates ranging from 65 – 85%.

One of the clips that has been taken from the promotional video and popularly hared shows an account making $378 payout from a $100. With the normal 65-85% success rates that we see coming from similar auto trading binary options systems, an investment of $100 will make a profit of $65 – $85. This system claims $378 which would make the win rate for this trade 378%. Starting to look fishy yet? Well it should. First they say it is 99.997% even when only guaranteed trades that are supposed to be producing 100% results and other successful systems are making 65% – 85%. Then it is no longer 99.997% but 378% in one trade.


A lot of parts of the website and Lazy Trade App seems automated. There is an automatic message at the very top of the web page when you open it which reads “Earn Up To $15,986.78 A Day, Starting Today Thursday 23rd February Just By Testing This Free Software For 5 Minutes”. It’s a horrible failed attempt at connecting with users on a personal level. Someone just figured out how to link a calendar to the automated message. Why is there no real human feeling attached to it if its legitimate? Its as if they had no time to put together some real content ad add the human factor to it so it can connect to users.

There is no real information on the rest of the website. What you get is an automated message at the very beginning followed by one short page prompting you at the beginning and the end of the page to submit your full name and email address to LazyTrader. In between that is reasons why the Lazy Trade App works. There is a promotional video for the app, 3 testimonials said to be from Lazy Trade App customers and a list of deliverables of the app. There is no other information apart from that. There is no information about the company, history, vision, mission, a management team, contact and the likes. There is no single information about anyone or anything but this miracle app that supposedly works wonders with finances.

Even the best trades with the best brokers have some negative trades. The entire pitch and story of the Lazy Trade App does not suggest even one bad trade. What kind of man made app only produces positive, profiting trades? This is impossible and should show people why this whole app is a scam. We know that no one tries to show case the bad sides of their product and this might be the excuse the people behind Lazy Trade App have for exempting all traces of small failures. It is not a shame to demonstrate to potential customers that not every single trade will be a good one but assure them that a great majority of the trades made will produce great results. This is supposed to be a good point to mentioned that has been left out. Not only is this left out completely it is replaced by the disturbing, resounding exaggerations about the results of Lazy Trade App. If you are trying everything possible to paint a perfect picture about something it usually means you are trying very hard to push something negative under the rug. In this case it is the fact that this entire app is fake. If the people behind Lazy Trade App were trying to create a perfect picture of the perfect auto trading binary options system they would have at least remembered to include some negative facts about the app, because hey definitely exist, and assure potential customers why they would benefit from the app despite the small challenges.


Lazy Trade App, sad to say, is a scam. Avoid it if you do not want to throw your money away, if for some reason you still want to go ahead and try the app out we advice that you absolutely do not put in more money than the required minimum deposit. It would be wonderful to have an auto trading binary options trading system that would work, even if not a whooping profit like this app claims but a god turn over non the less. There are some out there that actually work. If there is a fake it only means, there is an original that is being copied from. Because this one and many others like it are not genuine does not mean they are all fake. You can do the world around you a favor by sharing the information you have gotten from this review with your friends and family. Stop someone else from jumping on the bandwagon of rubbish that is Lazy Trade App, or at least advice them to take these few points and other points made by other observers before deciding to try the app or not.

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