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Lexington Code is a software used in Binary Options trading to get the optimum results. Michael Lexington and his team has recently launched this new trading application and in this review, we will find out whether it is actually worth to use or not.

Since this app promises us to make huge sum of money using it, our minds are forced to have a doubt about its utility. There are many negative feedbacks about this app online, but we will get to the bottom of this before making a final conclusion. Basically this application proposes auto trading competence and conducts trades on behalf of the traders. Side by side, it also offer signals.

The main feature of this app is that it is capable of giving a consistent result at all times. However, those who are totally new to binary trading need to achieve a winning percentage of 70% to actually get a profit.

Lexington Code Software- Product Description

Product Name: Lexington Code

Niche: Binary Options

Lexington Code CEO: Michael Lexington

Official Lexington Code Website: LexingtonCode.com

Money Back Guarantee: Yes (in 60 days)

Delivery Amount: Fast Delivery

Bonus Offer: Approved ($1000)

Download: Free

Minimum Deposit: $250

Who is Michael Lexington and how to use Lexington Code?

Now we all make it clear as to what Lexington Code is all about. It scrutinizes the trading market to carry out Call/Put trade. So, to predict whether a price will increase or decrease, the trader will be able to invest at least $25 per trade, which will be analogous to the present price of course. The whole idea behind binary trading is that as long as the price is higher or lower than the strike price, the trader keeps making profit.

Lexington Code basically offers an automated function with the capability to handle the trades on its own. The interface of the software enables the users to vary their investment size with a minimum of $25 per trade and allows them to conduct a number of trades simultaneously. These functions added to the software by Michael Lexington, Barry Storyk as well as his team are actually offered with all the trading software available out there. So, it is not something new for the binary traders.

Features of Lexington Code

  • You can learn as you trade, since it enables you to watch over trading software of Cobra 5 of a pro on a daily basis.
  • It works on Android as well as iOS, so you can carry out your trading activity on your smartphone or tablet.
  • It easily works with all types of PCs, MacBook and laptops.
  • It enables you to attain more potential profits that usually reach up to 89% of all winning weeks on average. However, this has not been tried and tested so far.
  • The makers claim that Lexington Code is a fully transparent software and it has lost only once in all the 1478 trading sessions that have taken place so far.
  • According to the makers of this software, it allows the users to receive several signals in a day. It allows them to earn quick cash every day because they get at least 10-15 signals. However, this is also just a theory and has not been tested yet.

Is Lexington Code a great binary auto trader?

Well, actually not so much! Though Lexington Code Investments Ltd. is mainly a firm that launched this software that has very high speed and invests your money in the trading market automatically all over the globe, there are no sure shot chances of success. The makers claim that this software has done around 1478 sessions so far where it has lost just once. But no proof of this claim has been provided so far. So it is clear that this is just a theory of the makers.

This software is sure very simple to understand and can be used with any phone, tablet, PC, etc. without having to worry about the OS. But it has no surety that the trading done will provide only profits as outcome. This software has the ability to go auto pilot as well as receive signal service without having the complete knowledge and experience about trading. The worrying matter is all these things cannot promise you profits no matter how simple it is to operate it.

Does Lexington Code actually work?

Many people stay away from the binary trading sector, since it is one of the most risky businesses out there. We know that high volatility means high returns, right? According to the developers of Lexington Code, the mathematical algorithm chooses the winning beneficial trade through a guessing procedure. They claim their success rate is more than 95% and you do not have to be an expert in the trading business to get profitable results. But it sure does not sound very promising since it is based on a guessing method.


Trading results

For the sake of getting the results, we tested the software with $25 per trade and 3 trades at a time by using the automated process of selecting the asset type. The following description will explain the entire performance of the Lexington trading software in the simplest form and we will also inform you why it seems like a scam.

The developers claim that Lexington Code has accomplished 10 trades in a period of 10 hours with an efficiency of 80%, thus getting winning results. But we deposited $500 initially and grew it to $596 that basically is a growth result of 19.2% in just 10 hours. But how to know that is not just a fluke?

According to the makers of this software, the profits can be much higher if you trade a huge amount of money. But for a good consistency and long-term profits, we need good money management with just 5% risk. At the end of the day, we cannot assure this is what the Lexington Code offers. So the question is, is it reliable, safe and secure? Well, we can’t promise.

How much the makers say we can earn?

This review is based on what we did at our own expense and other online reviews may promise a lot more which we cannot prove to be true. What we do is avoid any kind of major news announcement that would lead to uncertain trade change on the price chart. With reference to what we did while trading with the Lexington Trade software, we definitely cannot promise profitable results. We did not see promising accuracy with this software and like many other software available online, you may lose money right on the very first day. What they say is that you can expect to make $500 to $5000 with just $250 investment and good management practice. They also say that if your account is large, you can earn $100 per day with 15% account growth.

How to sign up for Lexington Code?

The following steps will make it clear how to join the Lexington Code.

  1. Start with visiting Lexington Code’s official web page.
  2. Complete the personal details as required. The area where the details of the members are required will ask for your contact number and password. Remember the password that you have saved there.
  3. After this process, you will be redirected to the trading platform where there is a broker’s registration page. In order to open a trading account, you have to make a minimum deposit of $250 for the activation, which is in fact a risky venture.
  4. Once the deposit is approved, move to broker’s account verification process. This will require the submission of all the personal documents, including credit card details, personal identification and bank statement as well as the utility bills for the proof of your address.
  5. After all the above-mentioned steps, turn on the Auto trading function and wait for the software to start working.

Since the brokers will need to abide by the regulatory bodies, these steps are a must for all the traders.

Why Lexington Code a scam?

Considering our test results and everything stated above, we can confidently say that this Lexington Code software is a scam. Though many online reviews may claim that they got positive feedbacks from the traders as well as the users in the trading community, there is still no solid proof. Though the profitable accuracy level and the number of trades are not bad according to the broker trade history, the numbers have no definite proof. Since, we come across many scams every week, it is mandatory to check out each and every process in detail. And we cannot classify Lexington Code as our recommended app because we know that none of the binary trading options out there can offer 100% positive results. Moreover, Lexington Code proving itself to be one of the best and most profitable applications available itself shows a red flag. Although it looks very promising, we recommend that it is best to study all the details carefully before making a final decision.

Verdict : Another SCAM!!!

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  1. Thank you for the clear review on the trading app. I’ve been searching for a 100 percent automated trading app, and I almost invested through the Lexington Code app.

    Thank you once agai, I’ll stay away from this app

  2. The other thing that make me be suspicious about this software is that, they say they are working with trusted and regulated brokers.according to what i saw that is a lie because some of the brokers are not regulated.That is a big risk by its own.those brokers said to me they are regulated,but failed to show me the proof.
    Another thing is that some of those reviewing sites are working with those scams and recommend the software to the traders.

    • Thank you for sharing your knowledge. LEXINGTON CODE is a SCAM!!!!!!!, and also most of his brokers.
      Most of the binary robot/signals working with regulated and not regulated brokers, its LEXINGTON CODE duty to tell u if the broker is regulated or not.
      If you have concerns a particular broker please contact with us and we will check it for you and for our traders.

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