Markets-Trading is a scam or legit? by Eric.V


Please add to your list of binary scam brokers.  Including the following names of these corrupt account managers and company individuals:

Dean Ross, Nina Rossi, Mark Beck, Adam Lewis, David Mckenzie, Ben

I put in 8K.  Traded my account up to 54K successful.  Time to withdraw 2K, would not allow me. Sited different reasons everytime.  Got some trading volume numbers from them finally as reason, exceeded the numbers with surplus still no withdraw approval.  26 times put in for a withdraw. All cancelled and then became for no reason at all.

You cannot reach them unless they call you.  Account managers do not do as they state they will do.  Act like your best friend.

Last straw they setup a automated trading bot to siphen off your account of which even changing the password does not stop it from accessing your account.  Only other person is your account manager and this is how they get rid of an account for an individual.  When you try to alert them to the emergency of the situation, they stop picking up the phone (customer service desk) and simply state your account manager will call you.

Very bad, very corrupt low quality people.  Not licensed and need to be taken out.

I did get the help desk to admit that they have a lot of complaints and that they have problem with withdraws.  I think the help desk is really unaware of what goes on in that company, and they seem incapable to call up another department to do anything about anything.

I can further detail if needed. But please do what you can to shut these guys down.


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