Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It?

Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It?

Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? Is Not A SCAM

Binary Signals Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? Is Not a SCAM Binary Options Robot Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? Is Legit Binary Robot Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? Is not a SCAM Open Trusted Account with our recommnded signals system : Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? Auto Trading Robot Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? Robot Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? is SCAM or Legit? Obcasio.cc: How Effective is It? SCAM

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Binary trading and software that help you in it

As you get started in the world of binary options trading, you will come across numerous tricks and ways that claim to help you succeed in it. If you try to get started with Binary Options trading on your own, then you are in for a long and tedious task without any guarantee of success. You will have to learn a lot and spend hours each day just trying to get the hang of things. However, all of that can be simplified with binary options robots.

These binary options robots are like automated tools that trade on your behalf. With complex algorithms powering them, these trading robots do all the tasks on their own. They help you make more money without putting in any more effort. Obcasio is one such trading program that has surfaced recently- claiming to help you make at least $2,000 a day. But what exactly is Obcasio, and how effective is it? Let’s go ahead and find out!

What is Obcasio.cc?

Obcasio.cc, started by Micheal Watson in 2014, is a binary trading robot that helps traders make money by automating their trades and performing all the legwork on its own. Unlike all other binary robots out there, Obcasio is not just open to anyone. There are just a limited number of people who gained access to the software in 2014, and the same process is being repeated for 2016 as well.


The software is free to signup up and use. At present, it only has brokers for people from the United Kingdom, which means those from other countries will not be able to use the tool yet. However, more countries and areas are opening with time. The minimum deposit amount for Obcasio is fixed at $250, but you can invest more than that.

First impressions and the signup process

As you go the Obcasio.cc website, you will first be shown a video of its founder and CEO, Micheal Watson, and how he started the Obcasio software. It will tell you as to how a large number of people became millionaires in 2014, and about the limited intake for 2016. Yes- Obcasio is only open to a 100 more people this year.

You will then be told to fill a short form that will ask for your name, email address and a few other details that will then take you to the next step. Here, another video of the CEO will appear, telling you about the process ahead (which is supposed to be very simple). You also have to provide personal details and verify your contact number at this step. You can browse through the FAQs listed at the bottom of this page-, which could have been more elaborate.

With a few more forms, you will have completed the signup process. The process is rather long and repetitive, and may seem futile at first. However, once you are done, you will be introduced to the platform. You just have to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading with the software. There are no associated signup or registration fees, and you can begin trading right away.

User interface and experience

Obcasio is designed to help traders make profits regardless of their experience level. This means that even novice traders can use this tool and make significant profits using it. Learning the software and program is not that hard. Once you make the initial deposit, you can start trading by following the simple instructions on it. The software has been designed to keep a lookout on the movements for you. It is 100% automated, which means you can set your preferences and let the tool do the rest.

After you have signed up for the tool, you can proceed to download the Ocasio tool’s personal copy, make your deposit and start trading. Apart from the highly intuitive and functional user interface, the software is also compatible on any device. You can use it on your PC/laptop, tablet and smartphone as well to keep a tab on your trading profits while on the go. All these features allow you to stay connected without investing in any complicated or expensive hardware.

You can make a deposit to any of the binary brokers that are listed on Obcasio. These deposits are only used when you trade- and there are no fees or anything of the sort with them. It takes around 4 working days to process a withdrawal, and you can only request for it once you have made a certain amount as profit. These regulations vary depending on your residence as well as your deposit method.

The results from the binary trades that the software makes are easy to understand. You are shown a detailed breakup of your money- when you invested it, when a particular trade was made, the asset, its position, your investment, entry/expiry rates, payout as well as the results. This helps you keep track of every part of your investment. At the top of the income statement, a summary of your total winnings, Win/Loss Percentages, the start balance and Put & Call percentages are shown.

User testimonials and reviews

As you log on to the website for the first time, you will see a lot of user reviews everywhere. They are on every page and it is rather hard to miss those. While Obcasio may not be capable of helping you make $2,000 and more every day, it does actually work- as is obvious by the numerous user testimonials on their website.


In the ‘Members’ Reviews’ Section, you will come across testimonials of people who have been using Obcasio since the last two years. Their reviews, profits and a bit of other information is all listed on the site. It is quite easy to understand that the software does work- even if the figures have been beefed up a little, those using it have made significant profits.

Online reviews on 3rd party sites have talked about how this tool is 100% automated- and that you do not have to lift a finger to make profits. While the ‘only 20 users for 2016’ may just be a gimmick, you can be sure that they will stop accepting new people in a little while. In order to give you an idea of what the people using Obcasio are actually making, live accounts are shown on the website that show their earnings in real time. No other binary options broker/tool goes to this lengths to help users get an idea of what they do.

Customer support is the most important factor that you need to consider while signing up for any binary options robot. Since there are a limited number of signups everyday for the 2016 signup period, you can be sure of getting personalized support and attention from the Obcasio team.

Earnings and the real figures

The Obcasio website mentions it multiple times that they can help you make at least $2,000 every day. With guaranteed returns and a host of other claims- it may just seem too good to be true. The real return figure for Obcasio is somewhere around the 75% range, which goes as high as 80%. While the returns and income statements on the website are real, do not expect $2,000 a day from your first day itself. The real average earnings stand around $1,000 a day- and this has been corroborated from various other reviews online.

While the prediction of the algorithms claims to have grown to 93% accuracy over the years, you should not really go by that. The fact that it is 100% free is one of the best things about this tool, for you can easily give it a shot without placing too much at risk. As a self-learning software, you can expect the results and predictions to get better over time. Thus, if you are planning to use Obcasio, you can be sure that the results will only get better as time passes.

The Verdict

The aim of the CEO Michael Watson was to help traders make use of the vast expertise and experience of Veteran Traders in a system that is fast and provides results with extreme accuracy. Considered as a world class software in the industry, Obcasio has been making waves in the market, and a number of traders are actually making significant profits from it.

With technology and creativity behind the algorithm, you can be sure that Obcasio is a genuine software designed to do only one thing- help its users make money from binary options trading. With recommended trading options, great customer support, real user reviews and testimonials and a host of other benefits, there is little that they do not offer. As you use Obcasio, you will only get more profits with time.

If you are looking for a way to enter the binary options market without too much hassle- then Obcasio may just be it. As a free software that is available for just a limited period- you will only be able to reach those rewards if you grab the opportunity as quickly as possible!

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    I tried to use the different email addresses a few times and same message.

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