Harry  : 

Hi I just thought I would inform you and suggest you investigate onetwotrade as a scam and rip off as they milked my account for close to 100k never to be seen again. The team is full of liars and cheats,asking me for full credit card numbers,passwords to the cards and refusing withdrawal or reinvesting in long-term  terrible trades..I had my account up at 300k and they lost it all when I wanted to make a withdrawal..They were pressuring me to deposit another 250k and when  I refused they lost most of my money in 10 minutes with multiple bad trades,leaving me with 2 hundred dollars left in my account..I have come to terms that all these binary options traders are scammers and am shocked that local governments allow this to be legal..I just thought I would share my experience with this company hoping that others will not fall into the same trap.

WatchDOG Team : 

Hi, Harry do you have some proof so we will be able to expose your story.

Harry  : 

 Sure I will send you some pics of all the withdrawal attempts that were denied and canceled after my request.I was well entitled to make with draw my money as I had exceeded all BONUS requirements..After I was told by GEORGE ROONEY that I would be allowed to withdraw if I met the requirements.he lied as did all his associates.Very disappointing and disturbing,how places like this could legally function in today’s society is beyond me.If there is any other information or additional pictures to collaborate my story to prevent other people from falling into this trap I would gladly help to sink this ship of lairs. I still have some chump change left in the account and am going to leave it open in hopes it may come in handy if any evidence is needed in the future.


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  1. well Profits aren’t displayed, so I suggest you post profits, then evidence doesn’t look flimsy. All info commensurate to history with account is vital for exposing binary option companies and putting them on there heels.

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