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We welcome PrimeCFDs to the growing family of regulated and secure online investment companies that have recently been populating the field. What differentiates these companies from their veteran counterparts is their arrival at the point in time where the entire industry is undergoing an upheaval thanks to the growing regulatory supervision being laid down by national authorities, and which is expected to transform the industry from being a form of entertainment to a legitimate way of controlling one’s finances without resorting to the whims and vagrancies exhibited by the ‘traditional’ banking and investment industry – so blatant since the financial meltdown of 2008. These new companies have been constructed from the ground up to supply a growing need and a legitimate concern of investors worldwide – namely: how to insure their savings and ensure a return on their investments in a zero-interest environment, in which bank clerks and so-called investment advisers have been found once too often to be investing against their own clients’ best interests. Enter PrimeCFDs, where the simplicity of Fixed Return options has been applied to the more controllable realm of CFD and Forex trading – making these much more approachable by the novice.

1st Impression

Our fits impression of PrimeCFDs was through their website – no frills and no ridiculous promises that indicate a scam operation in the making. Even bonuses are no longer subject to 30 and 40 times reinvestment requirements but – instead – redeemable through a much clearer to monitor system of trader points, calculated anew each time the trader closes a position. The creators of the website are providing a gateway to independent investing – no more, no less. And anyone seeking thrills and games should clearly steer clear.

Trading Platform

The user-friendly platform, powered by Tradersoft, enables one to move easily between fixed return, forex and CFD trading at the click of a tab. Everything is laid out before you – nothing hidden: your account sheet, the assets, the charts and even a simple investor sentiments gauge. 134 assets are available – 31 currency pairs and 103 share, commodity and index CFDs. Traders are warned repeatedly not to invest without first doing their homework – researching the fundamentals and examining the technical – before opening a single position; and with 2 of the 3 tabs dedicated to margin trading (albeit with extremely sober leverage levels – as currently required by the regulators), reminding them to constantly keep their eyes on the bottom line. The more advanced traders are welcome to avail themselves of the indicators, experts and charting tools available on free-to-download MT4. Otherwise, all manners of limit and pending orders are easily opened with margin immediately updated for every change made.

Customer Service

With regulators finally clamping down on pushy salespeople representing themselves as ‘brokers’, PrimeCFDs has mobilized a fresh team of experienced traders to handle all customer support. Here – at last – are people you may call up to ask about how to operate the platform, on one hand, who are perfectly competent at discussing the upcoming economic events and how best to adjust your MACD, with intractable patience and the self-assurance that comes from absolute mastery of the market.


Although it may be too early to judge the performance of a totally new company, it is quite clear that brokers like PrimeCFDs are here to stay. They are revolutionizing the industry to no lesser extent than the industry is changing the companies on the ground; and if one is entering the global marketplace for the first time, what better place to start than with a company that is eminently suited to this sector’s new and fascinating potential.



  1. A wide variety of assets
  2. Excellent spreads
  3. Instant execution
  4. Multi-lingual staff


  1. Platform a bit too basic
  2. A new company
  3. No US traders

Tel: +359-52919520

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  1. You do know that they were WMoptons before they were PrimeCFDs. I started with WMoptons late last year (2016) and lost a lot of money from very bad advice. I managed to win back most of my money myself after putting in more money to do so but when it came to withdraw my money because I had had enough, that was a different story. This all happened in early April 2017, I applied for my withdrawal, all of my money, but didn’t hear from anyone for over two weeks even after many many emails and live chats from which I received promises I would be contacted. I eventually received an email from their support saying that all withdrawals had been posponed until the 1st of May. What happens on the 1st of every month, they take out their service fee which then reduced the amount of money I had in my account which was then less than the withdrawal amount I asked for and as such the withdrawal was cancelled. Very frustating. The good news is I did end up getting my money out about another two weeks later being a total of 6 very frustrating weeks. Their website says it takes 3 days to process and another 5 until you see it in your account. Not true. I would stay away from these people if I were you.

  2. Yes, they were formerly WMOptions. The managers are forceful and pushy! Keep pushing me to deposit more money with promises of making a lot by the end of next week. They were not true. Every time the manager calls, he will say he has some big trade and he will push you to deposit money. But I already have funds inside and can trade with that amount. But NO, he won’t give the trade unless I deposit. I got scared and tried to withdraw. That’s when my nightmare started. You need the approval of your manager. And I was told that I have to wager off the bonus that they gave me. I never asked for it. They tied me to this bonus agreement, yet they don’t give clear details about it – like how much trading volume I need to make or amount of points I need. They avoid giving an answer each time I ask. An agreement like that is not valid. There is no one in the company that can help. Who is in charge of the company? The company is registered in Vanuatu but the office is in UK. Can we make complaints with the authorities there?
    My advise : STAY AWAY!!!

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