United Capital FX – Binary Options And Forex Trusted Broker

UnitedCapitalFx Binary and Forex Trusted Broekr

UnitedCapitalFx Binary and Forex Trusted Broekr

With all the firms that are offering online trading nowadays, is very hard to separate the good apples from the bad ones, and if that is hard, is even harder to find exclusive platforms out there. Today you will get to know UnitedCapitalFx.com, a firm that has been in the Industry for a very long time now, only offering its professional services to a very reduced and exclusive group of experimented investors and providing outstanding amount of profits to them.

WatchDOG team was able to scrutinize every single corner of their webpage before they open their doors to new investors and bring you an accurate report of all you need to know regarding this interesting firm.

About United Capital FX

This robust and simple trading platform is currently owned by WST Corp, with headquarters in Amsterdam and branches all over the World, it complies with all the regulatory environments.

Most of their consultants are licensed professional brokers from the NYSE, our team went ahead and confirm their legitimacy in the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), everything was correct.


Trading Platform


Here is where it gets good, this innovative trading application immerse the most unexperienced investor in the Market, a very user-friendly and intuitive dashboard that you will love.

Our team believes that the trading platform is the best way to know if a particular firm is good, it can be the difference between success and disaster, and after testing their trade environment we confirm they prepare the investor for a potential success!

Commodities, Stocks, Currencies, and Indices can be traded very easily. Forex, FRO’s, Long and Short-term options are available. Also, this platform offers a strong educational and professional support that can assist you become an expert trader, and improve the success rate of your investments.

It´s very responsive, so if you like to trade on the Go, you will be able to do that with ease accessing their website – no need to download any application!

There is nothing much to be said, simply one of the most reliable, robust, highly innovative and simplistic platforms we´ve seen in a while.


UnitedCapitalFx provides different kind of memberships with their firm that are achieved depending on the amount you invest, this unique memberships may prove very useful for new and experienced traders mainly because they secure the capital you invest starting from 50% and up to 70%, along with the other benefits, the memberships are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Corporate – below the three most important levels and what they include:unitedcapitalfx_forex_goldCreating Account


If you are looking to create an account on UnitedCapitalFx, you’ll be amazed at how quick the whole process is just by saying you can register using your Facebook or Google account in a second!


You can also follow a standard registration form, which will be followed by a basic verification for activating the account.


For verification and anti-money laundering regulations, you’ll be required to send a photocopy of your address and ID proof. If you want to use your credit card for depositing money, you’ll be required to send its copy as well. Once the verification process is over, your account will be activated and you can then easily make your first deposit.

Deposit and Withdrawal


All the online communications on UnitedCapitalFx are secured with the help of 128-bit encryption. This ensures that all the personal data is completely secure and cyber thieves will be prevented from any kind of illegal actions.

Deposit is pretty simple as tested by our team.

You can activate an account with the usual, which is 250 USD, GBP or EUR – you can use several methods of investments such as debit/credit cards VISA or MasterCard, Wire Transfers, Etc.

As soon as the deposit is completed successfully, you can see it in your balance.

To give you a complete overview of the system, we tried the withdrawal process from one of our registered accounts. As mentioned on their website, the request was processed and approved successfully within 48 hours, depending on your Membership they may process it instantly.


Professional Services

UnitedCapitalFx offers customer services which are available on a 24/7 basis.  These are accessible through a contact form, live chat, email and phone.

To test this, we tried to contact them through all their channels, by e-mail they give you an extensive personalized reply within 12 business hours, by chat you may speak with a representative within 5 minutes, and through phone you can always get in touch with a representative that will assist and reply any inquiry you have.

Thus, we can conclude that you will not be disappointed by the outcome of any customer service option that you prefer.


Payouts of up to 87% on regular binary options and up to 1500% on high-yield binary options

User-friendly and highly intuitive

Low minimum deposit and investment amount

Worldwide registration accepted (U.S, Canada, Australia included)

Licensed professional consultants



Live Chat is sometimes not available.

Risk level increase with the profit levels.



We can conclude that, even though very exclusive and hardly disclosed to the Public, UnitedCapitalFx might be the Holy Grail of online trading – with the professional assistance, the financial tools and projections, and the educational support they provide, you have the all the weaponry to jump into the Market and have your money working for you.

So, nothing else to say, what are you waiting for?

Open Account With UnitedFxCapital


  1. Hello,

    I’ve been scammed in 2 trading platforms already, are there any complaints with this firm?

    Withdrawal process does work?? I’m very skeptical and don’t want to lose my money again…

    • Before I open an account I am trying to find if United Capital FX.com is registered, filed or listed w/the SEC data base or FINRA Broker check but can’t find any info. I also can’t find anything at your site. Are you registered under a different name? Do you have a CRD#?? Thanks, Bob

    • Hey Bob,
      there are many different binary / Forex platforms like SpotOption,panda,Tech Financial…
      Sometime the platform force the broker to pay less than 90% but its not mean its a scam.

  2. I just was scammed by a company called Tenoption from one day to the next they disappeared and before they totally went off the grid I was able to get in contact with a representative and he said the site was being re-done and would be back up April 5, 2017. Now even their phone number doesn’t exist. Yes I lost $475 dollars, which may not seem like a lot to many but it was to me.. First time doing this, kinda hesitate not to invest but I would if I could find a reliable company.

  3. Hi,I registered with you in the course of last month,but I have not invested yet.Idont know if you can explain further or connect with me through my e-mail.

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