Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM!

Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM!

Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Là LỪA đảo

Binary Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Is a SCAM Binary Options Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Scam Alert Don't buy Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Is a SCAM Warning Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Binary Options Signlas SCAM Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Be aware from Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Tại sao bạn không cần phải đăng ký : Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Auto Trading Robot Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! Robot Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! là LỪA đảo hoặc Vn? Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM! LỪA đảo

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How devious can these scam artists be? The Confirmed Profits video starts with the following statementyou and I both know that false advertising is illegaland the ironic reality is that the Confirmed Profits website is using risk warnings and disclaimers to avoid prosecution for false advertisement. These are the worst types of crooks you’ll find and this newly released software, is a confirmed scam. Who exactly confirmed this software? The pop-up with generic endorsement badges, not very convincing. They claim that the ITM trading results generated by the software is all %100 verified, audited and notarized by a 3rd party. We would love to find out who exactly notarized them, maybe they got notarized in an internet coffee shot in Nigeria, but definitely not by anyone we would trust at

At the top of their pitch page you’ll notice in large fonts the following titleHow We Made $2,971,330 trong 28 ngày!come on seriously? This entire website is a joke and should not be taken seriously by anyone who is interested to trade binary options or Forex with an automated software or in any type of way, you are better off trading on your own instead of burning $250 with this fraudulent offer. This is a money-making scheme, furthermore we signed up on their email list and chatted with a rep and found that all the brokers they are synced with are not regulated or licensed anywhere. This entire operation is fraudulent and we would encourage you to stay away from this offer since you’re not only getting cheated by a fake software, even if you choose to deactivate the software your money will be still in the hands of an unrecognized and unregulated broker. It’s a major risk and you’re bound to lose your entire account balance sooner or later.


The entire voiceover was very deceptive and you’ll notice how they start off by intimidating you and oddly so sympathetic to the fact that there are so many scams out there and they are totally on your side and feel your pain, obviously knowing that it might be that they scammed you before with a different software. “This is not just another fraudas they claim, yet all the previous scams seem to be using the same script, the only thing that’s different is the video and the voiceover actor. The actors hired to share testimonials are usually the same, not very clever and getting old.

Let’s cut to the chase, we are here to put Confirmed Profits out of business and we plan to do it quickly. There’s not time to waste since they are advertising this offer to the masses via email campaigns and based on their traffic stats they are getting a lot of interest, which means that too many people are being solicited by marketers who are now promoting this offer via email campaigns, fake blogs and make-money squeeze pages.

Unfortunately even on google you’ll find promotional Confirmed Profits Reviews which are there to confuse traders who might be skeptic and conduct a Google search, therefore our goal is to make sure that with your help we will make this review rank high on Google so everyone can see this warning very clearly and hopefully together we can save some potential victims. If you tried this software or currently trading with it, we encourage you to stop and immediately contact your credit card company and file a credit card dispute. Please also share your feedback below and let other visitors know what type of ITM results they can expect from the newly released Confirmed Profits. We encourage you to also check WatchDog’s complete list of Lừa Đảo and recommended EU quy định môi giới if you are looking for a better alternative.

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