1 Percent Ticket is a SCAM!

1 Percent Ticket

1 Percent Ticket Is SCAM

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Another pathetic scam is going viral, The 1 Percent Ticket and in this review we decided to debunk it using facts and reasoning. If you ever plan to join the 1% most wealthy people in the world, trust that this software won’t lead you there. We found several red flags while inspecting the domain: 1PercentTicket.com.

The first issue with this website is the overly used pressure tactics to try to get you to sign-up as quickly as possible before you have a moment to think about what you’re doing. Notice the ’25 copies left’, which contradict the voice actor’s claim in which he states that he is seeking to revenge and spread the wealth with you. Why would he limit this to 25 members? Come back at a different time and you’ll still be granted access to the 1PercentTicket.com software.

One thing that really stood out is how at no point during the video introduction did they mention the creator’s name, no real testimonials and instead they created this silly looking page with a generic, slightly creepy sounding video. This is not really impressive and surely not convincing enough to get us or any rational person to believe that The 1 Percent Ticket System can generate $22,000+ a day.

Let’s explore some additional deception found on the 2nd page after you submit your name and email. The pictures in the testimonials area do not match the names! Why would they use fake pictures? If the 1 Percent Ticket system is so profitable, wouldn’t you expect them to find some real members to testify? Let’s be logical, if they’re lying with the member’s pictures, it makes us wonder what else they are trying to hide.

Check out the fake testimonials on the 1PercentTicket.com 2nd page:

Here is some information about the alleged “Cliff Tennezen”


They stole the picture and placed it on the 1 Percent Ticket 2nd page


Ironically, every scam we review is guilty of the same misleading tactics and instead of providing some testimonials by verifiable members, they use stolen or stock photos! We expect to be treated with some respect when presented with some a promising offer and would never trust a service that’s founded on lies and deception, unfortunately this is what the 1 Percent Ticket is all about.

We don’t trust this new system, app or whatever they decide to call it. If you found this review after having second thoughts, you may want to listen to your ‘gut feeling’ and avoid investing your money with this offer. In case you decided to give it a try, we do encourage you to share your own review and feedback below. Help us spread awareness and most of all, help us inform traders of the real success rate generated by 1 Percent Ticket! We do test certain services but in this case, we are not going to take a risk, knowing that it’s a failing system and after plenty of experience reviewing and exposing scam offers similar to 1PercentTicket.com, we are confident it’s fake.

Verdict: 1 Percent Ticket System is a SCAM!

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