3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM!!!

3 Week Millionaire

3 Week Millionaire Is SCAM

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3 Week Millionaire is a new binary options service which was launched just a couple of days ago. They promise that in 3 weeks you will make $1,000,000 by using their system, although there’s actually no limit to the money you can make with their software. The more money you fund your account with, the more profits you can make. They say that most users invest the minimum amount possible which is $250-$300 and then make $800-$1000 daily. If you fund your account with $1,000, you can make $2,500 per day. Still not enough to become a millionaire in three weeks! If you make $2,500 per day, you will make only $52,500 in three weeks.

According to the same type of calculation the creators of the 3 Week Millionaire use, in order to make just one million dollars in 3 weeks, you will need to deposit around $20,000-$25,000. Please don’t deposit even the minimum $250 with this scam, because whatever you deposit you will definitely lose. Too good to be true promises such as these are a sure sign that we’re dealing with a scam here. But our review is not over yet, we can point out countless more indications that the 3 Week Millionaire is a scam.

On 3WeekMillionaire.com you will find a backward Spots Left counter that starts at 10 and then quickly comes down to “1 Spots Left”, where it stays in order to give you a chance to go through all the videos and materials the marketers of this scam have prepared for you. Take your time, you will not lose your spot, and even if you do, you can always refresh the page to start again from 10 spots left. This is another indication we’re dealing with a scam. When trying to leave this site, a pop-up jumps at you urging you to enter your name and email or at least close this message and continue watching the video. If you try to close the window, another pop-up comes up to try to stop you from leaving. This annoying feature exists in almost every scam we review.

snapshot from the 3WeekMillionaire.com website


The creator of this scam will beg you to try his software. He will show you pictures of people receiving $10,000 checks from him “for no other reason rather than the fact that I like to help people in need…” Yeah, right! He likes to help people to lose their money is more accurate! He says that if you follow the news, you probably have seen him give money to organizations that help the blind and kids with cancer and who give a shelter to the homeless. We love to watch the news, but maybe we have missed the time they showed how the 3 Week Millionaire’s producer is handing $10,000 checks to these charities. We ran a Google search and could find no evidence that money was ever given to the poor or even that there was any mention of the 3 Week Millionaire in any news edition around the world.

Why do they give out $10,000 checks? Because that’s what they say they make with every click of a button while using their software. Please don’t fall for this. It’s absolutely impossible to make so much money consistently with a software that runs on autopilot. And if you did make a lot of money with this software, the brokers that are available with the 3 Week Millionaire are so bad, that you would probably never be able to withdraw any profits or even get customer support. Don’t sign up with such brokers. Always go with a fully EU-regulated broker, such as TopOption.com, and choose a trusted signal service, like the ones available on WatchDog’s trusted signal services. To sum up this review, 3 Week Millionaire is a scam!

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