50K Mission is a SCAM!! An Honest Review!

50K Mission

50K Mission Is SCAM

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Today we are going to literally destroy the 50K Mission scam by David Howell! As always, you will notice tons of generic looking blogs advertising this new scam, yet those websites seem to always recommended every new software or binary options service that comes out, “Highly credible”!!! After some additional research we found a review that was written by Angela Winfrey (see: 50K Mission is a SCAM on BOC) and another warning was posted on BinaryOptionsWATCHDOG.trade (see: 50K Mission) both exposing 50K Mission and pointing to some hard evidence leading to the conclusion that this is a ‘rip-off’ site, nothing but a scam operation! Unfortunately, we are still getting emails from people who signed up with this fraud and lost their deposit in a matter of hours! This is a viral offer and many new traders are getting email invitations and unfortunately some of them are signing-up and depositing funds. The other warnings are simply not enough, we have therefore decided to write a review that will finish the 50K Mission scam once and for all and hopefully with your comments, likes and shares, we will completely debunk, annihilate & put this bogus automated theft machine out of business! We don’t want to see a single online trader waste another penny with the 50Mission.com website, don’t let your curiosity get the best of you.

Let’s quote the first statement from the 50KMission.com video, “12 months ago, a covert group of Wall Street investors opened the doors to a few lucky people, giving them a chance to earn in one day more than most people earn in one month.” We cannot understand how anyone would fall for such a story, but if you are new to online trading there’s a fair chance you might! There is absolutely no connection between Wall Street and binary options trading.

Here is the funny part about this 50K Mission Review…

The creators of the 50K mission claim that “this clandestine group of traders is looking for exactly 25 brave new people to test the newest version of their technology.” They must be real idiots, let’s face it. Why would you need to be brave if this is really a software that generates so much money? Pure mind games! You need to be brave in order to do something which is risky, not by engaging in an activity that will “certainly” make you money. In order to join the 50K Mission, you should be careless, it has nothing to do with bravery.


David Howell, the alleged creator of 50KMission.com, makes the claim on his pitch video that “only 25 spots are available…” We actually counted the number of reports we received from people who were scammed by this system and those that were posted in other forums The result: We found that there are more than 25 such reports! Then how come the software is still available? Simple. There are a limitless number of spots, but by making you think the number of spots are limited, they give a sense of urgency to their offer. It’s a sales tactic we see with most scam systems we review.

Although we post warnings again and again, we are still getting emails from unfortunate people who signed up with David Howell’s 50K Mission scam and other fraud websites on a daily basis! If you want to make money with binary options, please stop looking for an easy way to do so. Although easier than almost any other job there is, binary options trading requires some effort. In the beginning you should work with a Free Demo Account and only once you’ve been making consistent profits, should you start trading using real money on a trading account you’ve opened with a fully regulated broker such as TopOption.com, one of their main benefits is the very low minimum deposit of $100.

If you are searching for a trustworthy signal service, make sure to check out WatchDog’s Recommended Signals services and communities. As always, we invite you to comment below this review if you are a victim of the 50K Mission or with any feedback and questions.

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