HFT Shield Scam Review

HFT Shield Scam Review

HFT Shield Scam Review Is SCAM

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HFTShield.com by Howard Young has just been released (August 10th, 2015). The Internet is already full of reviews about HFT Shield. Some reviews claim it really works and others claim that HFT Shield is nothing but a scam. We’ll try to stay as objective as possible in writing our review.

The question Howard Young is addressing in his video isWhy aren’t you making any money with binary options?” Many of us have fallen for so many scams, but even people who are using legit signal services sometimes fail to make any profits. Howard Young believes he has found the answer to why you might lose money even with a signal service that is not a scam. He says that we are all losing money because the ones that are winning have an unfair advantage: they have faster computers. Because binary options is all about timing and a split second can turn profits into a losses, it’s important to be using the fastest computers available, according to Howard Young.

Howard Young says that three years ago he was running the New York Stock Exchange as Chief Executive. He developed a software that can achieve a success rate of 84%, however in reality, he was only getting a 56% success rate. After a long investigations, he discovered scam serves that are slowing down his trades and stealing his signals. He decided to quit his job to expose this scam to the world.

When you make a trade, your computer sends a signal to the broker. Howard Young says that the broker then sends a signal to the exchange market. When the trade is completed, the exchange market sends back a signal to the broker and the broker sends this signal back to you. The issue is with the connection of the broker to the exchange market. High Frequency Traders (HFT) scam servers are causing a delay to the communication between the broker and exchange market and by doing thatthey automatically turn 79% of your winnings into losses while they steal your trades to make the profits.

Howard Young then developed and added what he calls anHFT Shieldto his trading software. What the HFT Shield does is reroute the trade that’s being made and by doing that, it shields the trade from the scam HFT servers. With his HFT Shield he has been able to avoid the HFT scam completely and go back to his 84% success rate. He now offers his software including the HFT Shield for sale to the public. The price depends on the amount of income generated using the software and is automatically deducted from your trading account. If you make less than $25,000, it is free. If you make beteen $25,000 and $50,000, you will have to pay $275. For profits of between $50,000 و $75,000, it will cost you $400. If you make more than $75,000, you will have to part from $450. And for profits higher than $100,000, the HFT Shield will cost you $500.

You will need to open an account with one of the brokers that are compatible with HFT Shield’s 102bit encrypted data key. One of the brokers that you can sign up with is OptionRidge. الآن, this is a new and unknown broker and we don’t have any information about them. When signing up with a broker, you should always keep in mind our guidelines for choosing a binary options broker. على كل حال, for the HFT shield to work they ask you to open an account on HFTShield.com website and not directly with the broker. Their support email is support@hftshield.com and they promise to answer any emails within 1 يوم عمل.

اختتام هذا الاستعراض: is HFT Shield a scam?

An update from September 4th, 2015: Based on a large number of reports we’ve received from our subscribers, we would like to announce that HFT Shield is a SCAM! Please do NOT sign up with the HFT Shield. If you are looking for a legit binary options trading bot, please see our Guide for Choosing a Signal Service.

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