Şərh Теслер : Edir, o, öz vədlərini və ya sadəcə лохотрон?

Əgər siz bir təcrübəli treyder ikili variantları və ya yeni, siz yəqin ki, eşitmisiniz haqqında Теслер online, hamı deyir bunu. If interested in knowing more about this software, what it does and whether it’s genuine, this Tesler review is going to highlight everything. Before investing your hard earned cash, know for sure if it’s worth doing it with this software.

What is Tesler?

Tesler is a web based binary options software robot that first hit the Binary Options trading markets on December 19, 2016. This revolutionary software is pioneered by an online entrepreneur and an investor, Steven Abrahams under the Tesler Investments umbrella. The system is available for free access via their website, Tesler.co.


The system employs an innovative Lead Pattern technology as indicated by Steve Abrahams in his promotional video. This trading algorithm is not the first to be used by Tesler, as many other trading software have used it since it was first introduced in the markets 9 years ago. The Tesler robot has been subjected to numerous tests and has proven time and again that it is a superb binary options software in the market today.

Tesler App works on a full automation trading mode, but allows you to disable it if you are an experienced trader. The auto–trading mode lets you earn up approximately $237 every hour with a success rate of 86%. What’s particularly amazing is that the system gives you a Free Trial for just 5 minutes and see how much profit you can make with it.

Tesler video at a glance

On our part, we felt the Tesler promotional video was a little exaggerated, especially on the amount of money you can make per day. Video, Steven Abrahams says that you can earn up to $237 in a single hour. We felt that he failed to mention one thing: depending on how much you’ve invested. But everything else said is rational.

Steven Abrahams in the video says that Tesler App was built with the objective of allowing anyone to make money right from the comfort of their seat at home. He says that using the system is absolutely free. And from our own experience with it, we proved it. You’ll find out shortly about how we made great profits with only $250 as our initial investment.

Regarding the withdrawals, something we really wanted to hear from the CEO, he says that withdrawals are processed fast and deposited to your chosen accounts. He says that his main life goal is providing the ordinary folks a simple and easy opportunity to make money online without hefty investments or risks.

How to get started with Tesler

As indicated earlier, Tesler is available online for free. All you have to do is create your account at Tesler.com. Once your account is approved, you will have to fill your details via the members section. After that, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading and winning. Tesler will provide you with a broker account for trading purposes. Every broker is regulated and certified.

Once through with the initial setup, simply enable the Autotrading feature and set your risk level to Low. We often recommend users to start off with the auto-trading mode especially if you are just getting started with binary option trading. Set your trading size to $25 if you are a skeptical trader. With that trading amount, we managed to earn a total profit amount of $3800 bu 7 gün ticarət. We started off with a stake of $250 and so far we’ve made withdrawals of up to $4900.


Lakin, placing $25 on your trades will only give you little profit amounts. If you want large sized profits, set your trades to be more than $25. With a success rate of 86%, placing larger stakes will mean more profits since the winning ratio promises good profit potential after all.

How does Tesler App works?

Tesler uses the Lead Partner algorithm which runs fast on high end computers and devices, allowing you to place your trades faster and earn profits quicker. Bu 4 yaş, the Tesler Investment has only lost trades only once, which is something amazing. The algorithm uses the orderliness that was in place until a trade became successful, to place trades for subsequent trades. And this happens so fast even before a subsequent trade is completed. This trading technology has the ability to predict the circumstances and give suggestions only when there is a winning chance to traders.

The system bases its grounds on Algo-trading. As demonstrated by Steven Abrahams, the system does not place a trade or give suggestions where there is a slightest chance of negative outcome.

Through is auto-trading feature, newbies in binary options trading are advantaged since by enabling the feature, they can scoop more profits without themselves getting involved. The system places trades automatically, but you have to approve it first before it is sent.


The software is accessible across multiple platforms, on computers and mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. They have a mobile app on both Apple AppStore and Google Play store so you can continue trading while on the go. Tesler allows you to start trading after making a minimum deposit of $250.

Why the system is called Tesler?

Tesler App is fully automated through its patented Lead Pattern Technology. This algorithm works in an amazing way that makes it possible to predict trades and give suggestions successfully. Just a few seconds before a trade that was successful comes to an end, the algorithm start a back analysis process where it reviews every variable and factor that lead to success of the trade. This also includes news which might have led to spontaneous reactions in the market. This is what is called the Tesler Principle. This is where the name of the system comes to be.

By using the Tesler Principle, the system will place trades only in situations where there is at least an 86% match with the conditions that lead to the success of just completed trade.

What is the suitable skill level to start trading?

You’ve probably encountered some trading systems that require a lot knowledge in binary options trading for you to win even a single trade. With Tesler, you don’t have to be trading genius. There is no requirement of initial knowledge in trading. This is guaranteed by the highly innovative Lead Partner algorithm which uses mathematical logic to place trades. When you enable the auto-trading mode, you simply give this mathematical algorithm to place trades on your behalf.

Əlavə, the user interface is highly intuitive, so anyone with basic computer skills can easily use it without worries. All you need to do is performing simple clicks and you are set for your profit.

Our take on success ratio

Steven Abrahams through his vide states that Tesler App will lose only a single trade out of 98 trades placed. The system has been restricted to make 12 trades for every single hour and the maximum investment you can make per trade is $85. Ona görə də, assuming that you place all 12 trades in a single hour at maximums of $85, you shall have a stake of $1020 each hour. Since the app may lose a single trade out of 98 trades, before hitting the 98çe mark, you shall have made a substantial amount of profit in a single day.

This is the reason why Steven Abrahams claims that you can earn between $5700 və $10,000 in a day. You will be able to achieve such profit amounts only if you chose to trade maximally.

Pros of Tesler App

Tesler App has amazing benefits, here are a few of those:

  • It has a winning ratio of above 86% allowing users to earn up to $237 per hour.
  • Requires a minimum deposit of only $250.
  • Offers the auto-trading mode to suit binary option newbies.
  • It makes use of the patented Lead Pattern technology which predicts successful wins based on the just ended successful trades.
  • Requires no software downloads or installations.
  • Account signup is free and instant.
  • Uses only certified and regulated brokers.
  • Withdrawals are processed very fast.
  • The system has an intuitive user interface suitable for less skilled traders.
  • Its mobile friendly and accessible via mobile app on Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Any cons?

  • Requires strong internet access.
  • Your profit amounts greatly depend on your minimum deposits and trade amount per trade.

Final thoughts

From our own experience with Tesler App, it is very true that traders can make incredible profit amounts, only if they place their best stakes. With a minimum deposit of $250, you can earn some good profit, but if you are a serious trader you will have to invest more. Tesler App promises a success rate of 86%, which is backed by their patented Lead Pattern Technology. Steven Abrahams, the CEO of Tesler promises profits of up to $237 per hour which we have proven to be virtually true. Any serious binary options trader should seize this great opportunity presented by Tesler App to make themselves massive profits.

Open Account with Tesler App

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