Bahama Banker Review: Find Out If Its Legit or a Rip-Off

You’ve probably heard about this trending software, Bahama Banker in the binary option trading software a couple of times online. Is it legit or another scam to milk your hard earned cash you’re your pocket? This Bahama Banker Review is going to reveal everything you need to know about this software.

What is Bahama Banker?

Bahama Banker Software is a Binary Options Trading Signal System attributed to Harold Beckman. The software actually places trades on the Binary Options Trading markets for those with accounts on It has all the features and tools specially designed to help you earn money through the Bahama Banker online system. It has been built by experienced traders who have traded in the binary options markets for years and have gained a lot of skills to become successful traders with high winning rates.


The software is completely web based, meaning that users won’t need to make any downloads and installations. Additionally, there is no supplementary software to be installed prior to using the software.

The software uses automation to place trades meaning that users don’t have to do a lot of manual trading. It gives users the freedom of trading even when away from your computer since their website is completely mobile friendly. The software can be accessed via iOS and Android devices where trades can be placed on the go.

How does the system works?

Bahama Banker promises a winning rate of 96.1% and this only resolves to more profit potentials for you. For experienced traders, the software can help them earn over $12,000 in a single week. But if you are just getting started, Bahama Banker’s autopilot feature will be very useful for you.

The system has one of the fastest withdrawals out of the many trading systems known, it is actually the only trading robot that has completely insured withdrawals. Insurance of withdrawals is particularly one of the best things about this software. It gives you the assurance of getting your earned profits right into your account in the following 2 to 3 days.

Bahama Banker has been subjected to more than 1478 sessions of trading through which it has recorded only a single loss. What particularly impressed us is that the system makes consistent profits each day. The software is capable of fully automating trades but also has a semi-automation mode, which we preferred more. All the figures on their accounts are continuously checked by Security authorities in US and Japanese Stock Exchanges and accountants.

Users are free to choose the manual or autopilot trading. The auto-trading mode is very helpful for the newbies trying to minimize their learning curve to make quick profits. We recommend the auto trading mode for Binary Options newbies.

the winning trade.

How do you join Bahama Banker?

Getting started with Bahama Banker is pretty simple and for free. Since the system is web-based, you won’t have to make any downloads. You will be ready to start making profits once you’ve signed up for an account.

After signing up and your account confirmed, you will be directed to the members area where you will create a broker account by submitting your real information. Once through, you will be assigned a broker automatically. To activate your account for trades, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of $250. You are free to deposit as much as you want, just know that the higher you deposit the better your profits will be.

You are set once you’ve made the deposit. Bahama Banker gives a daily average profit of $2,890, but again, it will depend on how much you are investing.

What is the ease of use?

With many binary options, they present users with interfaces that make it virtually impossible to determine what to do or what’s going on. With this system, its user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. What is particularly intriguing about it displays real time updates that signal when to place trades. Alternatively, if you are not an experienced trader, simply enable the auto-trading mode, then sit back to watch the system accumulate profits for you.

While it’s almost impossible for Binary Options trading system to give a 100% winning rate, Bahama Banker is actually doing its best with the 96.1% success ration. The system has proven over and again, that it is the most resourceful as compared to other binary options systems in the market. The software is highly recommended for newbies.

Does the system deliver its promise?

Many people regard binary trading as a very risky indulgence. But from our own point of view or any other expert trader’s view, high volatility simply resolves to high returns on investment. With Bahama Banker in play, the system will reduce those risks and guesses usually associated with binary trading. The system is built on highly intelligent mathematical algorithms that eliminate guess works when it comes to choosing the winning trade.


Just like we initially stated, one does not have to be a trading guru, the system will take care of your trades. We have personally tested the system and found it to actually deliver the 96.1% success ratio claimed.

One of the most important issues to consider is the types of brokers that a binary options system works with. Bahama Banker has all its brokers regulated and certified to be genuine brokers. On signing up for a trading account with Bahama Banker, the system automatically assigns you one of its trusted brokers. This means that your investment is safe with the broker. In our opinion, out of firsthand experience, the system does what the owners promise.

Our results with Bahama banker

Up to the point when writing this review, we have used the system for at least 30 days. From the previous 20 sessions, Bahama Banker traded 170 signals, 131 out of those were ITM. According to our calculations, this is a good success rate of about 75%. We first started out with $500 investment and made $50 investments for each trade (we are very skeptical with first time trades). Today, we have a balance of $3345 in a period of 3 weeks. In 3 weeks, we managed to get a profit of $2,845. That was an average of $135 profit each day. Imagine what our balance would have been if we had invested $2,000 (We could have earned nearly 4 times profit per day).  Actually, we normally take 5 to 8 signals in a single day and use Bahama Banker in the auto-trading mode.

Is Bahama Banker a scam?

After all the analysis we’ve done, not a chance! Bahama Banker is a completely legit and a very profitable trading system. It’s true that the owners promise a profit of at least $2,500 per day yet that’s not what we received. But again, think of our investment amount. It’s of course impractical to invest less and expect more. We had invested only $500, therefore a profit of $135 per day isn’t bad.

With more investment, you are sure to hit the $2,500 profit mark per day as promised. Therefore, Bahama Banker is without a doubt a legit binary trading system that anyone shouldn’t hesitate to use. We are definitely going to keep using the system. Right now, we have increased our stake per trade to $150.

From our own experience, and from the feedbacks given by its users, it is clear that Bahama Banker has nothing that raises a scam alarm associated with it.

What are the pros?

Bahama Banker has very many pros but here a few of the most important ones:

  • The system is web based, thus no download or software purchases to be made.
  • Bahama Banker promises a success rate of 96.1%.
  • It has an auto-trading mode for use by binary options newbies.
  • Withdrawals are insured by the top global insurance schemes.
  • The minimum deposit amount is less, only $250.
  • It uses only certified and regulated brokers. Brokers are assigned automatically.
  • The interface is highly intuitive and easy for those with little computer usage skills.
  • It is mobile friendly with iOS and Android platforms supported.

Any cons?

  • The only major issue is that you need a strong internet connectivity to get real time updates.
  • Success rate is not 100% guaranteed.


Bahama Banker is the ultimate binary options trading software that lets you get good returns on investment. The system’s 96.1% winning rate is particularly great, meaning that you have a good profit potential. The minimum deposit of $250 is also amazing, but starting with that little amount may not readily give you more profits per day as promised. What we loved most also is the insurance placed on all withdrawals to safeguard your profit. For the binary options trading newbies, the auto-pilot system is particularly helpful in securing profits. The system is also highly intuitive, which makes it ideal for anyone with less skills in using computers. The only issue is that you need a strong internet access to watch your profits grow. Bahama Banker is absolutely an innovative trading software that anyone who needs to earn thousands of dollars in a short time period will find useful.

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