Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM!! Not an Illiterate Review!

Bank Tracker Bot

Bank Tracker Bot Is SCAM

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We gathered plenty of evidence leading us to conclude that Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM, and be sure that this is not another illiterately written review. This worthless software aka app as been released by the alleged Michael George who claims this software is the reason he now has a 25 year old wife.  Of course we are not going to judge just how much she actually loves him in this case, we will however be unmasking everything he is alleging the BTB software stands for. As well as exactly how he came to have possession of this scam and be in a position to offer it for free on a plate to you in the form of the website. Read our full Bank Tracker Bot review, to ensure you do not fall for false claims and promises of what is truly possible in the binary options industry.


Michael George was supposedly working as a IT guy debugging systems before his good friend Steve, whom he hasn’t seen since high school randomly called him up and asked him to deposit money into a system he has just developed. Michael being the kind of guy who cannot say no, agreed and deposited $600 into the as BTB Software. The story goes, he placed ALL of it on an order, came back and it increased to $1000. Thinking it was luck, he then placed another six hundred dollars on a quick trade using the Bank Tracker Bot auto trader, came back when it had expired, and this time made $1150. If you have listened carefully to the Bank Tracker Bot scam presentation and read what we have just covered already, you will already start to wonder, is this truly an auto trader because by the sounds of it, you have to place the trades yourself, and Michael places his full capital on only 1 trade, which we find it completely irresponsible since he has never traded a day in his life.

The Bank Tracker Bot Software works by following bank stocks and trade binary options on top of the stocks (yes we know, it doesn’t make any sense to us either). The idea is that bank stocks are has lower volatility, meaning they are less prone to fluctuations and therefore more predictable. Uhm, not really… Anyone following the news at the moment, with everything going in with elections, and votes, nothing is predictable. Not just that, Mr George claims that the software does not even follow financial news releases, or analyse charts, how on earth would anyone then actually trust this system. This does not even take into account the feedback we have been getting that the Bank Tracker Bot scam auto trader actually trades only currencies and not bank stocks, so how can it be that this system is supposed to be safe.

Additionally Michael’s timeline does not even make sense! The part during the presentation on the Bank Tracker Bot software where he told us about his earnings, he only made $3,600 in May 2016. Which in our mind is not even close to enough to afford his Maserati or his 25 year old wife, let alone the properties he boasted about. This yet again does not explain why he is offering the Bank Tracker Bot scam auto trader to everyone for free today. All he does is tell you how much money you are supposedly going to be banking, but we did not see at any one point any proof of this, and we were not given a reason as to why we are getting a free ticket to a wealth life style. is so pathetic, should we continue with this review?

Michael tell us that he is not going to sell us a Pie in the sky dream during his Bank Tracker Bot software review on the website, yet all we hear is how rich he is, and how we can be making thousands in a week, enough to leave our day time job after 3 weeks. Many traders trade for years, whether it be manually on their own, or with a trusted binary options auto trader, before they get to the point of leaving their day time job. Yes we are being half forced to just believe what Mr Roberts is saying and follow his pie in the sky dream. There are plenty of day traders out there who are willing to try systems such as the Bank Tracker Bot FRAUD, and provide you with trusted experience feedback, and if they say it is a scam, it is a scam. Don’t let the wishful thinking part of you mislead you into thinking this is a real offer!

Review Verdict: Bank Tracker Bot aka BTB software is a SCAM! 

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 You may stumble upon some positive reviews endorsing the BTB software, but they all have one thing in common. No concrete evidence and besides these liars you got an entire team of email spammers who are going to harass you until you unsubscribe from their mailing list. For complaints and feedback related to any of the scams we previously reviewed or ones we are not yet familiar with, please comment below this review. We also encourage you to help us spread the warning by sharing it on your social networks in case you are familiar with other day-traders who might be targeted by the crooks. For guidance related to how to fight against fraudulent offers such as Bank Tracker Bot, we also welcome you to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll gladly assist you free of charge.

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