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Plenitude Formula Is SCAM

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Не памыліцца, Формула багацця нічога, акрамя нікчэмных ашуканцаў. Today we will expose it in details and hopefully deter people from wasting their money with this nonsense. На сайце plenitudeformula.com was created by the alleged George Ackerman and is heavily promoted by email spammers. Amazingly, the CEO claims that he can make you a guaranteed millionaire before next month by using Plenitude Formula – This is a complete lie.

We’re going to start with the supposed CEO and creator of Plenitude Formula Mr George Ackerman. It didn’t take long to discover that he isn’t exactly who he says he is. One of the first things we did was check out places like Facebook or Twitter and even Google+ for profiles that might match the CEO or anyone that could be working for the creators of Plenitude formula. After a lengthy search we couldn’t find any matches for Mr Ackerman but we did find something else. If you didn’t suspect it at first let us tell you that the CEO for Plenitude Formula is an actor, he absolutely doesn’t exist in real life! George Ackerman is actually an American actor whose real name is Eric Newsome. A simple google of his picture proved very useful in identifying him as a trained actor from several televised commercials. Eric even appears to have his own IMDB (Internet Movie Database) page however, his image doesn’t appear on this page anymore, probably because he promotes scams now. This tells us immediately that the people behind the auto trader are selling you a lie right from the very start. It’s ironic because Eric tries to tell the viewers how he is going to make all the other scammers angry by revealing some truths about them. It’s a shame this isn’t the case because the truth is that he is a fraud himself.

George aka Eric Newsome the “CEO” of Plenitude Formula Group…


The fictitious George Ackerman tries to sucker you into believing his lies about Plenitude Formula by using a phony sob story. His lies of being on the ‘brink of suicide’ is a new low for how far the fraudsters behind these scams are willing to go to get your money. The issue is that his story clearly don’t add up. The video states that the they allegedly started up the firm Plenitude Formula Group almost 3 гадоў назад. We researched hard to try and find proof of the supposed Plenitude Formula Group. The searches proved inconclusive as there is no such company in existence! Further background checks proved that the Plenitudeformula.com domain has only been around for 12 дзён! Гэта’s права! According to the ever trusty WhoIs website we found that Plenitude Formula had been registered less than two weeks ago. Making it impossible for the people in the testimonials to already be making 7 figure a month sums.

The testimonials given on the Plenitude Formula website were the next obvious thing we wanted to debunk, it didn’t take much to prove these were also faked. User ‘Martin’ shows us a screenshot from his account showing a balance of almost $12000 whilst urging us to sign up. When we looked on our favourite market place for paid testimonials it became obvious that Martin doesn’t exist either. ‘Martin’ is actually a Fiverr.com seller under the username of Jordan831 paid to make a false testimony suggesting Plenitude Formula can make you serious money. In actual fact this software will only take your cash despite the fake promise from ‘Mr Ackerman’ that he would give you $250. It is pretty safe to assume the other testimonials are also false considering the length of time the site has been operating and the silly amount of cash they’re claiming to have made. Further evidence that Plenitude Formula is another Binary Options Scam are the ridiculous profits it claims to be able to make. The phony CEO claims his beta users are making between 10 і 70 thousand dollars a day! This is simply unrealistic and any day trader should know that those kinds of profits are highly unlikely from any legit Auto Trading software . Plenitude Formula claiming they have only 15 spots left is also BS as in reality we could sign up with 100 different email addresses and get accepted.

We also noticed that you as a viewer and potential customer are shown no insight into their platform. This is quite common with many binary options scams as you will see how similar their supposedly new and unique platform is entirely the same as all the scams before it. It seems to us that the promo video that is displayed on the Plenitude Formula’s website. is an extremely repetitive sob story that does nothing but lie. Sob stories are only ever designed to trick the audience into believing the and investing. Do not fall for it! A few our our loyal subscribers have reported that they had received emails through a heavy email spam campaign. It’s clear to us they are trying desperately to target other victims through all angles.

After looking at all the evidence we knew right away we needed to provide a real Plenitude Formula review to help stop users from losing their hard earned money! There is absolutely no truth to anything that is being told to you with Plenitude Formula and for this reason we had no choice but to blacklist this software! Any serious day trader knows that making anything more than $10,000 a day is unrealistic from a $250 дэпазіт. So it’s obvious that this software can’t deliver on its promises of up to seventy thousand dollars a day. Please share this review with your friends to make sure they don’t fall victim to it.

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