Beware of the Silver Millionaire SCAM!

Beware of the Silver Millionaire SCAM!

Beware of the Silver Millionaire SCAM! Is SCAM

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The Silver Millionaire is a new scam targeting online traders who are mainly interested to find an easy way to make money with binary options via an automated solution. Our main concern, after investigating many similar binary options scams, is that the website will become the next viral fraud. Another major concern is that similar websites, such as Binary Boom, are now infecting computers with viruses. It turns out that stealing your money is not enough and scams are becoming more infelicitous and devious. Just Google “Binary Boom” and you will find our warning on the first page and many testimonials from online traders who are now struggling to clean their computers from viruses, all pointing to the Binary Boom software.

Today we are going to briefly warn you about The Silver Millionaire as we have every reason to believe that everything mentioned on this website is a big lie, again we’re seeing positive reviews that were created before the Silver Millionaire website was made public. Doesn’t it make you wonder? Unless the reviews were written in advance in order to manipulate the Google search results, just in case any potential users attempt to do a little of research via search engines!

Time is up and we’re not letting The Silver Millionaire scam get away with their plan to steal money from online traders who are looking for a legitimate binary options trading solution. We are probably the only website that actually allows you to comment and share your experiences since if you try to post a negative comment and share your actual results on any of the promotional websites that are endorsing, you can rest assure that your comments will never get approved and posted.

One of the reason that most of our warnings end up getting a lot of attention is because we’re not spreading lies and our visitors tend to read the warnings and hopefully understand that we’re not here to damage anyone’s business, however we are definitely here to damage scam businesses since the IC3.GOV is obviously not doing anything to stop them from recycling the same scams over and over, each time under a differnt name and with a slighly different narrative and design.


The concept that The Silver Millionaire is trying to sell you is: “Since Gold is over-rated and more popular, a lot of people are missing out on the opportunity to trade the Silver Option = you can become a millionaire by doing so with this magic system. What kind of BS is that? Anyone with a basic understanding of how markets work or at least some experience with Forex or Binary Options, should know that this arguement is completely silly but it surely sounds interesting if you are a wishful thinker…and if you are a dreamer, they are surely out to get you.

Maybe there is an opportunity to make millions trading Silver while everyone is busy trading Gold as the voice actor claims? We really find it hard to believe and due the nature of this website and the lack of sincerity that is emanating from this hoax, especially after reviewing more than a handful of scams in the last years, we can already tell you without any doubt that you will make more money trading Silver alone or at least, have a lower chance to lose all your money within a matter of hours.

We’re not here to rule out online trading or binary options and sell you something else instead, which is what many websites are doing by trying to sell you Automated Ebay or Marketing systems instead. In reality the problem is not with Ebay, Marketing, Binary Options or Forex, you can become a successful binary options trader and you can make money on Ebay when you do things right and as long as you manage to dodge all the scams along the way. If you are interested in Binary Options, trade with Regulated Binary Options Brokers or start trading with a Free Demo, but please avoid The Silver Millionaire scam and save yourself the money. You’ll do much better on your own or with a reliable signals service. Please share your feedback if you have any experience or questions relating to ‘The Silver Millionaire’ and we really do hope that you are reading this review before signing up with by “Robert” hoping to make $5000/day.

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