Simple Profits is a SCAM!!! Честен Преглед!

Simple Profits

Simple Profits Is SCAM

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Stay away from Simple Profits, it’s undoubtedly a scam! In this review we gathered concrete evidence to support this conclusion. The domain you should avoid is:, it’s based on lies and pressure tactics. This bogus trading system was certainly not created by real binary options traders. Let’s start with the biggest issue, the news stories are all fake!

Simple Profits App is allegedlychanging livesand was covered by The New York Times and BBC News, however when we tried to search for the articles in question, we found nothing. You can even type the title of the BBC article on Simple Profits and search for it on Google, it doesn’t exist. This alone should concern any day-trader who may be considering to join auto-trading system. You got to wonder, if Simple Profits was such a profitable software, the developers would’ve managed to find some real members to testify and confirm the wonderful performance instead of attempting to win your trust with fake news stories.

This article was never posted on BBC NEWS! It’s fake!


The pressure tactics are just too obvious, “6 memberships availableand it goes down if you stay on for more than a few minutes, then if you proceed to the 2nd page, you have exactly 12 minutes to join. Try back tomorrow and you will notice the same exact thing. Nothing will change, you will still be granted access and this negative review will still be there as well, to warn those who may be new to binary options and may fall for this.

If you’re into small details, you probably noticed the Better Business Bureau logo on the Simple Profits System site, but rest assure that this business is not accredited and if they were listed on the BBB, it would have an F rating.

Oh No… 1 spot left, you better hurry up…”


No real testimonials that you can verify and the promises are insane. The voice narrator claims that you can potentially make tens of thousands of dollars in a single day. If Simple Profits was so profitable, it wouldn’t be offered free and indefinitely. Надежден, Free Auto-Traders are available but you got to be careful and if an offer seems fishy, you should search for a 2nd opinion or an honest review, because even if the service is offered free you must still deposit the minimum requirement with a broker and it’s often around $200-$250 to get started.

Присъда: Simple Profits is a SCAM!

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In some cases we test services but is a complete scam and it would be pointless to give it a try. In case you decided to register with this website, моля, споделете вашето мнение по-долу от този преглед. We encourage you to stay away from Simple Profits or any similar services. For better alternatives, посетете Watchdog’s Approved Signals and if you are entirely new to online-trading, consider starting with a Free Demo Account before you invest real money.

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