Izbjegavaj Kini Milioner PREVARA!!

Izbjegavaj Kini Milioner PREVARA!!

Izbjegavaj Kini Milioner PREVARA!! Je PREVARA

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Danas ćemo pregled u novoj Kini Milioner prevara. Ovi momci su se stvarno kreativan. Svaki dan je izmišljao nove prevare, svježe web dizajn, novel titles. Nažalost za njih, their sales tactics are quite old and used, so it become quite easy to recognize the scam that they are. Let’s have a quick look at this chinamillionaire.com website.

Now to the funniest part of this current review. who is thisJin Lee”? According to the ChinaMillionaire.com he is a genius mathematician who created this software in some basement. He makes an appearance after around five very boring minutes. Let’s play a game. Find Jin:http://pixgood.com/chinese-guy.html. Found him? The creators of this scam found a picture of astrange Chinese guyand created a whole story around him. Did we mention how creative they are?


The first thing one notices it that searching Google forChina Millionaireleads to many positive reviews. Ovo, as we already know, is because the scam artists publish many a review in favor of their scams even before they release their malicious websites. Even locating the domain chinamillionare.com is quite difficult in Google, as they want you to enter through their positive review websites. Once you finally are in, you will see the usualSpots left!” counter, but here it’s more idiotic than all other websites we’ve seen, as it continuously reaches 1 spots left and then goes back to 50, 49, itd. They show a few fake Facebook.com comments, and some icons at the bottom of the page of Fox News, CNN, CNBC, BBC News, itd. As if those TV networks have anything to do with this scam. They figure that no one really thinks about what they’re seeing. Most people are sleep-walking all throughout their lives, but subconsciously seeing those names, makes them believe this may be legit. Bullshit, ljudi. This is fucking bullshit – WAKE UP PLEASE!

Sada, let’s continue this review with the China Millionaire video… “China’s dirty little secret is out.What is the secret? Intriguing? Not to us. It’s true that in China there are many millionaires and their numbers are growing fast (vidim http://money.cnn.com/2015/05/27/luxury/china-million-millionaires/ na primjer). Chinamillionaire.com lie when they say that the secret to that is this software. The only person who will become a millionaire by using this software isJin Lee,” the alleged creator of this system. By the end of this review, you will know exactly who is Jin Lee. We found it quite hilarious when the voice-over said: “Seriously it makes me sick to see all of these greedy marketers peddling their junk to hard-working people like you and me.” - , G.. Jin Lee, or whoever you are, what are you if not a greedy marketer peddling your junk to hard-working people??? Opet, fake video testimonials. Onda, the voiceover goes on saying: “Sada, we all know seeing is believing so I’m about to do something that’s never been done before…” And we get a view of the software! - , upravo. Like we haven’t seen fake software demonstration before! So let’s have a careful look at this software. The account is on the name of Jin Lee. The broker used is BigOption, which we are seeing with many of these scams. We find it quite curious that Jin Lee’s account is empty with a balance of $250 (which is the minimum deposit) and no trade history. Didn’t he make millions with this software? Onda, he goes on showing us how the balance triples itself automatically within hours and claims to have a %98.8 ITM. Please don’t let this fool you. This man is a liar and there’s no software in the world that can reach such a high ITM. Očito, this is a forged demonstration.

So as you can see,” Jin continues, you do nothing. You don’t need to know a single thing about trading. You don’t even need to know the difference between a call or put.We can’t help but wonder why they didn’t choose a voiceover actor with a Chinese accent. It would have been much cooler. U svakom slučaju, if you want to make real money, you WILL have to know the difference between a call or put. You will need to know much more than that actually. And also you will need to sign up with a legit, fully EU regulated and licensed brokers, because otherwise you will be facing problems with withdrawing your funds. The brokers available with this sort of scam are the worst you can go with. Chances that they will not even answer your emails when you come to withdraw your earnings – IF you have any earnings. Because if you sign up with the China Millionaire scam, you will not have this problem since you will not make any profits (and we urge you to contradict our statement – if you have made profits with this system, please leave a comment below).

Now it’s your turn. So please share your comments below and remember, always sign up with trusted brokers, use a besplatno demo račun and stay up to date with our binarni opcije prevare list of recommended services so that you don’t lose your money with some scam system. Binary options trading is a beautiful and fun endeavor and it’s too bad that a few rotten apples are ruining it for the rest of us. Keep safe!

P.S. According to the video, in Chinese, this system is called: “tiÄncái gupià o.We tried to find what this means, and found nothing. So if any of you guys speak Chinese, we’d love to know if there’s any meaning to this phrase. Write a comment if you have any insights.

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