Stark Trgovački Sistem je PREVARA!! Iskren Pregleda!

Stark Trading System

Stark Trading System Is SCAM

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Ovo je dubinski pregledati u vezi Stark Trgovački Sistem do Antonio Stark, što smo našli da je PREVARA na osnovu dokaza pouzdan! Just in recent days we received many complaints from day-traders who allege that they have been spammed by this new offer and when activated, onaj reportedly generates a very low trading performance of less than 55% ITM, not enough to make money and definitely low enough to drain your account balance within a few short days. The Stark Trading App by the fakeAntonio Stark”, was released this week and has been getting a lot of undue attention in the Binary Options industry. We can tell you right from the start that Stark Trading is definitely a scam so be sure to read this review carefully and we might save you at least $250.

Richard Paul presents the video and gives us a boring sob story on how he wasn’t able to keep up with his debts until he teamed up with his friend Antonio to help the world with the poor Stark Trading System aka Lousy App. Another big scam alert for us was when we tried to find either Richard or Antonio, we couldn’t find anyone with those names associated with trading on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google. Its worrying when a big trading app doesn’t have a real story or real people behind it. All we could find on google was lots of complaints from other blogs and users who have tried the Stark Trading app and have all lost their money.


Next we looked at the testimonials. Though theuser testimonialsare clearly faked and contain very bad actors from we found it interesting that the users had such great praises for an app that could have only have existed for a few weeks. One of the testimonials on the Stark Trading app states that in their first month they made tens of thousands of dollars. A simple whois lookup tells us that the domain wasn’t even registered until the 19th January 2016 so how is this possible? The answer is simple, it is a complete lie like the rest of the faked testimonials!

We noted that had a very similar feel and presentation to a scam named Profit Stackers that we exposed in a review back in 2015, a terrible hoax that ripped people off for thousands of dollars. The first red flag for us was the enormous and unrealistic earnings of up to $8000 per day that the Stark Trading app claims to be able to make. As we always say, do you really think that you could make this sort of money without using just a little bit of your brain? Its also asked in the presentation what $8,000 x 365 je? $2.92 miliona. This is really dumb because for a start that’s an unrealistic gain and secondly the financial markets are open 5 days a week, not to mention all the holidays where the market is also closed.

Another boring scam tactic used is the typical âœyou eligible to claim 1 od 50 available spotsâgarbage. Whats really strange about this is that it has been the same since it launched meaning 50 poor people haven’t lost their money yet. We know that this just another scare tactic to make people deposit the funds impulsively. Our attention was then drawn to the so called âœguaranteeâ€. It states that you can âœmake at least $8,000 a day on averageâsigned by Antonio and Richard. We can assure you that this is 100% fake. If you look at Stark Trading System disclaimer it clearly states on the 3rd paragraph that the Stark Trading system does not make or imply guarantees that anyone who is using the system will make any profit. Šta? This just contradicts your guarantee!

Pregled Presudu: Stark Trgovački Sistem je PREVARA!

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Please share your feedback below this review if you have any experience with this highly promising money-making scheme and if you are a victim of Stark Trading, help us spread the word and share this this warning in order to help us reach the masses. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this post and don’t forget to visit our new review on Nadex, especially if you are trading from within the United States and searching for a safe way to trade!

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