Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam?

Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam?

Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? Nije PREVARA

Binary Signals Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? Is Not a SCAM Binary Options Robot Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? Is Legit Binary Robot Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? Nije PREVARA Otvori Vjerovati Račun sa našim recommnded signale sustav : Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? Auto Trading Robot Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? Robot Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? je PREVARA ili Legalno? Swarm Intelligence Review: Intelligent Trading Software or Same Old Scam? PREVARA

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Just when we were conducting an investigation regarding some new fraudulent trading software, that we received requests from our loyal day to day traders regarding reviewing Swarm Intelligence created by Thomas Porter and Dr. Steven Francis. So this our honest and genuine take on this trading software.

What is Swarm Intelligence?

In a scientific context, this term simply refers to how independent or decentralized thinking individuals work together when their ideas are organized into a group. In simple terms, this means that “two heads are better than one”, but with regard to this software, it simply means several like-minded trader putting their ideas together to come up with a fabulous solution.

Now back to the trading software. Swarm Intelligence is a trading software designed by Dr. Steven Francis and his close counterpart Thomas Porter.

In the marketing video, Francis first introduces himself as a trading aficionado and an animal behavior specialist. He is actually the one who explains how this software work and the concept behind it (why collective power outweighs that of one).

Francis in his video says that this project received funding from Unanimous A.I, a company based in Silicon Valley, Southern California United States. This is a company which sets its focus on intensifying human intelligence to higher levels beyond individual capacity.

Dr. Francis and his team began their work on Swarm Intelligence project 2011 to release this incredible trading software, which after a few years was making more than $12,536 in a day for its members.


This revolutionary software was just launched on November 30th, 2016 but its popularity is growing at a very fast rate as other software users watch it overtake the binary trading market by storm. Dr. Francis recruited a number of traders in his beta testing project. All of those traders who were selected for better testing reported that this software is completely genuine, offering a win ratio of 83% as it is advertised.

Why is Swarm Intelligent genuine?

According to our team, it usually not very common for any new software getting into the market to offer traders an opportunity to be part of their beta testing. Dr. Francis’ move by seeking out beta testers show how confident he is with this new software. Apart from that, here are other reason why we are convinced that it’s a genuine software:

  • It’s powered by Swarm Intelligence learning algorithm

You must have heard about the swarm intelligence concept before. We also gave a brief explanation about it earlier. This concept and the machine learning capabilities make this app a great performer in the sense that it learn everything a time goes by. When we first registered our account, just to be sincere, we first thought it was just another piece of crap when we saw our trades losing consecutively. But to our surprise, it started to improve and we even cashed out more than $2,500 with just a deposit of $250. We were amazed by its learning capabilities.

The idea behind the swarm intelligence algorithm is that it makes the best decision after analysis of collective behavior of group. This feature never stops working especially when you engage auto-trade feature.


  • 83% of ITM win rate offered

Porter and Francis through their video explain that this auto trading software about offering quality trades. Even though it still being developed, it has proved through early testing that it can deliver impressive and realistic success rate of 83%

What the software does is that it uses the collected historical data from various sources to give predictions of future trends in the market. Just to ensure that its predictions are reliable as possible, the software is configured to give suggestions only when 9 od 10 trading systems reach the same agreement. It can give up to 2 signals in one day.

  • It’s a highly intuitive software

When a software present you with a very difficult to master interface, it’s an indication that it just one among the many scams which are after milking cash from traders. Međutim, Swarm Intelligence is designed by a Thomas Porter, an experienced programmer who understand all aspects of software usability. This gives the software a very attractive yet user friendly interface that can be used by any one with no prior experience in the use of computers or trading apps. Our team was particularly impressed here as well.

  • Money management service provided

This innovative app also gives it users a comprehensive service to help them manage their money. It simply helps users to control the amount of money they want to trade with and how much to allocate for one trade. Dodatno, it forecasts the amount of money you can expect to win in the forthcoming trade sessions. Through these features, Swarm Intelligence allows traders to monitor its performance so that anything happening does not go unnoticed. You definitely don’t get these with the scams filling the markets.

  • Amazing average profits

We’ve already proven it to you that this software does actually what it’s designed to do. Pitanje je,, how much average profit does it offer? - , since the early periods of testing, it has consistently given us an 83% ITM win rate which is amazing for such a new software. The average rates offered, even for settings that are most conservative, kao što su $25 trades/swarm level 9, you are sure to get more than $1,000 in one week.

How it works

Swarm Intelligence is actually semi-automated robot for trading. That means that it automatically selects the best trades but before it executes those trades, you have to confirm the trade. Everything that happens must be approved by you. Međutim, it also features a completely automated trading mode which becomes active when you choose the auto-trade option. It also has swarm level selection and money management calculations each tested and proven to help users manage their money and risks.


How can you access it?

While preparing ourselves to review this software, it also came to our surprise that it’s actually offered for free! There’ is nothing to be downloaded either. This amazing innovation is availed for free access, but only for a limited time period after which you will have to pay $1,999 mjesec. This is the time for anyone to take advantage of this opportunity to sign up for an account before it gets too late. Since it is still under beta testing, this free offer won’t last for long.

What is the pricing?

Kako je navedeno, if you sign up for the free membership offer available now, you won’t pay even a dime to use this game changing software. For you to be included as part of their beta testing team, you need to send Dr. Francis an email through Swarm Intelligence website. Once you are accepted, you can start trading right away.

All you need to have is a trading minimum balance of $250 for you to get started. Once you provide your details, you will be redirected to the member area where you will see a number of registered brokers suggested. All the brokers listed are registered and regulated, o feel free to pick any of your preference and make the deposit. Your deposit is automatically synced with your account so you can start trading right away.

Is it really genuine or a scam?

Is it a scam or legit? This is the phrase that critics like using even in instances that a genuine trading robot if offered for free. - , according to our own research, Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter aren’t some scam actors masquerading as millionaire investors as we have seen with many scam software owners. They are both real people with real names and well known for what they do in their respective field of work.

These two great minds are up to good, which explains why they are not hiding anything behind the curtains. If you have watched their marketing video, it is free from any hype or show off as seen with scam such as Gemini 2 which use hired expensive jets and fancy cars to lure innocent investor into their trap.

Umjesto, Dr. Francis and Porter have a calm presentation with not show offs or hype. Everything is explained in details and you get a better understanding of what the software is all about.

What about the website?

The Swarm Intelligence website does not portray anything that clearly depicts some form of cam. The website make perfect sense and is very logical with regard to how the software performs. Štaviše, the app works perfectly fine and does not bear any signs that are often depicted with scam money milking software out there. Swarm Intelligence is entirely genuine and entirely realistic when compared with other genuine signals services.

What are the pros of the software?

  • Usability –

The interface is highly intuitive and easy for anyone to use. Its design is pretty simple and straightforward.

  • Transparency

Everything that is executed must receive your approval. Dodatno, all brokers are presented clearly and are registered. If you need to change the brokers you simply need to ask their staff.

  • High success rates

The software has an 83% win ratio through which we traded our money successfully and made a cash out.

  • Flexibility

You are given options of risk and exposure level you wish to trade in.

  • Customer support

We were impressed by their impeccable customer service, which gives you an immediate response upon making a request.

Any cons?

The only con that our team experienced with it, which is actually more of a pro than a con, is the learning period when you first use it. During its initial learning period, you may lose one or two trades, but when the winning starts, you will be shocked.

Final thoughts

Swarm Intelligence presented by Dr. Steven Francis and the ex-IBM scientist and programmer Thomas Porter is a genuine auto-trading software. All the names mentioned in their video are real, including Louis Rosenberg, from Unanimous A.I.

The software does everything that its builders’ promise it does. There are no fake testimonial or actor from fiverr.com. Everything about it is genuine and real.

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