Apple Mobile Bot is a SCAM!!! Read this Warning!!

Apple Mobile Bot

Apple Mobile Bot Is SCAM

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Today we will expose the Apple Mobile Bot software we’ve been hearing a lot about lately since its release on May 25th. Due to some positive reviews, we wanted to give this one a fair chance and we apologize if, due to the two-week delay between its release and our review, some of our followers joined this new scam! When we navigated to the Appmobilebot website AKA the Apple Stock Bot our SCAM RADAR was immediately triggered, BIG TIME! The truth is that our first reaction upon seeing this website was sadness and even embarrassment. We felt embarrassed to see this poor person calling himself Gunnar Erikson trying so bad to sell his idea. This might be the first time we felt sad rather than angry. Dear WatchDog subscribers, check it out, this review is VERY funny so prepare a handkerchief.

The internet is full of reviews of this software. Be aware that most of them, specifically the positive ones, are fake such as the one you’ll find by Roy TribbleThe Biggest Scammer in the Binary Options Industry (read the comments regarding the sinister individual). Roy’s fake Apple Mobile Bot review is up in the Google search results but after we’re done exposing this fraud, he can kiss the money he is making from this scam, GOOD BYE! The marketing team of the Apple Stock Bot is very smart and they really did a good job spreading their APL scam all over the web. When opening The Apple bot website,, the first thing we hear is “Gunnar Erikson” saying: “Ahoj. I’m sorry but you are not allowed to use the Apple Bot. Yet. This website is by personal invite only.The APL bot marketers obviously read the old the testament and they know that when God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge, our ancient ancestors could not rest until they laid their hands on that forbidden fruit, because when something is denied from you, you want it more. (And in this case the forbidden fruit is truly an Apple unlike the one from the Old Testament.) Besides, this creates a feeling that he is not trying to sell you something. On the contrary, he is telling you, you cannot get his AppleBot software. No, this is BS as you probably guessed already. Gunnar Erikson is trying to sell you something. A scam to be more specific.


When trying to leave the APL bot page, there’s a really funny video where “Gunnar Erikson” říká “Woah Woah Woah easy there! Did you really wanna leave without actually seeing an example of the apple stock in action?” Ale počkejte, we thought we cannot use this software. Guess it was just a LIE! If you want to have a good laugh (because that’s the only good thing that might come out of this scam), try to leave the main page and after he sayseasy there!” go back to the main page and leave, again and again. It’s hilarious! We laughed our asses off. Ve skutečnosti, that whole video is quite humorous.

The Apple Mobile Bot website itself looks rather similar to the rest of the binary option scam Auto Traders. In the pitch page video you will find many fake account balances. In contrast to other scams, they don’t ask you only for your email, they also want an access code to make you feel this system is exclusive. Také, they want you to watch the whole 19:24 minutes of brainwash and only then give you the access code. Below, the usual forged testimonials and then some bogus information about the Apple stock, for example it says: “APL is bigger than all of the following companies combined:” then come logos of Google, Samsung, Sony, HP, Lenovo, atd. Lots of ‘mumbo jumboto make you feel that this Gunnar Erikson knows something. It’s amusing that when Gunnar Erikson demonstrates how the software is to be used, there are no trades involving the Apple Stock at all! Just USD/CAD and a few other currency pairs, OLEJ, SBERBANK, NASDAQ. Gunnar, dude, at least learn how to create a good fake demonstration. The truth is that he doesn’t even know how to trade. Mr Apple Fraud, did not make over 26 million from the APL stock like he claims, he is simply just a liar and a crook. If you disagree with us, please write a comment below. And if you have been scammed by Gunnar Erikson and his APL bot, also please let everyone know by commenting on this blog post. We’ve been receiving many emails from people who were scammed by the AppleBot. Guys, please don’t just email us, put your comments here so everyone can see!

Making money by trading binary options is not impossible, but if you have to fend yourself again all sorts of scams, deceivers, thieves. Because maybe %90 of brokers and services are scams. The brokers that work with the AppleBot scam are all very shady, un-trusted brokers. With some of them you might not even get any customer service at all. Please only sign up with a fully EU regulated and licensed broker, jako, and go with a legit, trusted signal service that has been around for a long time, such as those on WatchDog’s Recommended binary options Signals stránka. If you are a newbie, always use a free demo account before risking real money and never risk more than you can allow yourself to lose. Please don’t sign up with a service without checking with us first because once you have signed up with a scam, there is not much we can do to help you so please don’t write us for help with recovering funds from scam brokers. You are always welcome to email us with any questions about binary option services, and remember: It’s recommended to do so BEFORE sending them money.

Please share your feedback with us if you tried the Apple Mobile Bot software!

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