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Phoenix Trading

Phoenix Trading Is SCAM

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Today we gathered many facts leading us to a firm conclusion that Phoenix Trading is a SCAM! Read this review before you buy into the false narrative, dreams and claims by the alleged coordinator, William Johnston. Not every software in the binary options industry is misleading or a pure fraud but unfortunately in this case, as we exposed with factual information, it’s a complete waste of your time and money and consider that it’s not ‘Free Ride’ of any kind! We wouldn’t expect any legitimate service to use fake testimonials, lies and deception as part of their ‘sales pitch’, as it’s certainly not ethical and in 99.99% of cases it’s nothing but a deliberate attempt to manipulate new day-traders. We noticed more than a few lies by observing the Phoenix Trading Software site and we don’t take kindly to liars and developers who are out there to steal money from newbie day traders. Let’s get straight to the facts now and why we’re 100% confident that this is a scam!


As we navigated between the first and 2nd pitch pages of the site, we noticed that some of the pictures of the “Beta Testers” are pictures previously used by the Aussie Method (Watchdog’s review), a horrible scam we exposed almost a year ago and we’re still getting terrible feedback under the review we posted. Even the company “Marshall Sherman Group” is not real and cannot be verified by the Better Business bureau or any business directory, Social Networks or literally anywhere in the realm of the Internet! This is not a sophisticated scam obviously and today we’re putting them out of business! Check out the disturbing image below:


As for the alleged creator, which the Phoenix Trading developers decided to name “William Johnston”, currently “employed” by the fake company Marshall Sherman Group as a Project Coordinator for Research; Normally you would expect people of a high status or any status to have a LinkedIn listing, a Facebook account or some kind of a digital identity, after all we’re already in the year 2016. Why can’t we find this William Johnston anywhere or a reference to his credentials or current work? The answer is very simple, the Phoenix Trading scam invented him!

Phoenix Trading Review – Exposed on YouTube!

When nothing matches up, and by the way, Phoenix Trading received more than one negative review already, this system is already blacklisted all over the place if you do some research on Google, you should stay away and don’t take and risks. Don’t give in to the temptation, this software came out a few days ago and we’re already getting complaints via Watchdog’s Complaint Center, therefore even though the lies make it clear that we’re dealing with a scam and this review is probably not even necessary at this point, it’s an important duty for us as a leading blog, with a massive subscribers base of over 6000 day-traders, to alert the public and make sure that our Phoenix Trading Review will save as many people as we can. We invite you to share any feedback as it will certainly help the community evaluate the true performance and “credibility” of the software which is around ZERO at this point, there’s only one place for Phoenix Trading and it’s on our Blacklist Binary Options Scams Page!

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