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Due to many confirmed complaints, we decided that it’s time to expose Alive In 5 scam by the alleged Brandon Graham. In this particular case we waited a few days to see if will go viral and unfortunately it did. If you carefully research for reviews related to this offer, you will find that all the evidence and feedback by members lead to the same conclusion.

Earlier today one of our blog followers received an email invitation from Drexel Code, a scam we previously blacklisted and exposed. In the email they try to trick potential members into believing that Brandon Graham from Alive In 5 negotiated a deal with the “Cory” from the Drexel Code team, and if you deposit $1000, this guy “Robert” will double you deposit. Not only that we have a reason to believe that the scam sites are connected, but they are trying to trap people with a bonus that locks your trading account. The main condition for this lucrative $1000 bonus is that you’re not allowed to withdraw your money, until you generate a volume of trades that equals anywhere from 20 vagy 30 times your initial deposit! This means that if and when Alive In 5 scam fails you and you start losing money, there is practically no way for you to get your money back from the broker, definitely not without the help of a credit card dispute.


Let’s put aside all the fake and obvious scam tactics we noticed on the Alive In 5 pitch page, such as the limited numbers of memberships available, thousands of dollars within 5 minutes which is practically impossible and the lame narrative with the annoying looking punk “Brandon Graham” and the sleazy call-girl who follows him around as he enters the rented mansion, after a joy ride in his rented sport car. In reality everything that came out of this actor’s mouth, 100% pure and detectable lies. It’s possible that Brandom Graham, creator of, lied more times than Ted Cruz aka LyingTED. Here is an example for you, in the video he states that Alive In 5 software is only available in your country. Try browsing this website using a VPS or visit the website from another country’s IP address and you’ll notice that can be accessed globally without an issue, we are not at all surprised and so should you.

Prior to the release of this review we already received complaints from members who reside in Australia, Kanada, Írország, United Kingdom and the United States so obviously this is a straight lie. The idea is to get you to believe that this is an exclusive offer and you’re one of the lucky people who stumbled upon it, and if you don’t hurry up Alive In 5 will no longer be available. We didn’t really need to post this Alive In 5 Review due to the negative press you can easily find all over the Internet, but we do have many blog followers who might be targeted by the scam.


Based on a website age search ,we found that Alive In 5 and Drexel Code were both registered by the same company and in the same week, earlier in March 2016. This is a brand new website, Lying Brandon Graham didn’t make close to $18,000,000 with in one year obviously and his existence cannot be verified on any legitimate social media profile. Normally you can find people on LinkedIn, Facebook and other places assuming we’re dealing with legitimate individuals or company aka software app. Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you and stay away from this deceptive money-making scheme, and if you are interested to trade binary options you will found much better alternatives and profitable opportunities.

Felülvizsgálati Ítélet: Alive In 5 A szoftver egy ÁTVERÉS!

Please share your feedback below if you have signed up with the software or have any questions concerning Alive In 5. In case you lost money with any type of scams related to online trading, we’ll be more than happy to help you free of charge. Please email us directly at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to guide you through any complaints or disputes. On a positive note, we are very excited about the release of the NEO² software! This true innovation has been tested by our team and confirmed using live trading accounts by real members, as you can find on YouTube and Facebook. All reviews we found are positive, as members who are reporting a high winning rate. You won’t stumble upon any complaints or negative reviews concerning this newly released Automated System.

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