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Currencies Club

Currencies Club Is SCAM

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Baru-baru ini kami menerima keluhan mengenai mata Uang Klub SCAM, dan kami merasa perlu untuk posting review dan waspada calon korban.  The alleged CEO Robert Kevin is a faceless individual, and surely not one you can trust. Unfortunately the photo of Robert Kevin is no more than a paid for stock picture, therefore instantly removing any true face that could have stood behind the Currencies club software as a trusted system. Make sure to read our full review as we are sad to report that we are yet again dealing with another scam, and this one regrettably takes it to a new low. You might want to watch the presentation on the website before reading our scam review, it will make a lot more sense.


Recognize the guy in the stock picture above? “Successful CEO”…

Robert Kevin starts off by first of all undermining your intelligence by basically explaining to you how the world works before going into detail on what the Currencies Club Scam is and what they do. This however makes us believe that his targeted audience are traders that are completely new to the binary options industry. They are trying to get people to register who have maybe never even thought of trading before in their lives, which sadly makes them easy targets, especially since they are pitching this as needing no basic trading knowledge.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the promises made to us by Mr. Kevin the sales man, and what he claims the Currencies Club scam is going to bring us. He states that the system is able to generate no less than $5000 per week. It also performs at a consistent 94%, however take not at what he is saying as we will be showing you in this review exactly why he does not make any sense, and why what he is offering is not possible. He also sells this as a complete auto mated system, as something that you can do from the comfort of your own home, as well as that this very system is currently being used by over fifteen thousand other traders, and that he himself has been trading with it for no less than 5 tahun.

Now for the fun part, let’s go over what we have mentioned above about the Currencies Club Scam, and show you proof as to why this auto trader is nothing but a bogus scam. First of all no auto trader is able of generating consistent profits of 94%, it is unheard of, and through our extensive experience have we never come across one. Secondly, making five thousand dollars a week is not unachievable, however you need a big account to reach that, therefore for your two hundred and fifty that you are investing, you are not going to get there in the first few months. Ketiga, and this one is our personal favourite, he first claims that the Currencies Club Software is 100% automated and that there is nothing that needs doing from your end. If you continue watching the pitch video, he then changes his tune, and tells you that you will be receiving emails with the signals, and that you then have to place the trades yourself in your broker account according to the signal provided in the email you have received. It is all becoming a lot more complicated don’t you think? Time for extra alarming review facts.

Here are a few more facts to debunk everything our fake Robert Kevin told us about the Currencies Club Scam. That lovely testimonial we saw in the beginning of the presentation, is actually a well-known actress, you can actually see her featuring in a lot of scam services that we review over time. This whole allegation of there already being 15k members, and he himself trading with this for the past five years is untrue. The website was only successfully registered on the 1st June 2016 making it a month old today. Meaning the longest he could have been trading with this very Currencies Club software is exactly 30 hari, no more. Plus it proves that there is no way he has that many members profiting on a consistent bases.

Nothing about the Currencies Club Software is legit, and none of the lies are true. The sad matter of the fact is, that they didn’t even make it very difficult for us to find the true details and facts behind this auto trader. We have no doubt that their true aim is to get as many new traders to the binary options industry to register, and then to completely remove the offer from the internet as soon as people start to make withdrawals of whatever they have left in their accounts. All we can really say at this point is to stay vigilant, always know where your money is going, and most importantly always know exactly what you are registering for. If you have too many doubts, that is a good sign to either seek further assurances, or to rather let it be and sign up for a trusted service that you can rely on with your investment.

Review Vonis: Mata uang Klub adalah SCAM!

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