The Millionaires Maker is a SCAM!

The Millionaires Maker

The Millionaires Maker Is SCAM

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Before we start this review, have no doubt in your mind that, The Millionaires Maker is a SCAM! They will steal every dollar you invest into thisfree system”!!! Please read this warning very carefully. The ridiculous video on the front page is a short medley of testimonials by people (paid actors to be more specific) who claim they’ve been making thousands of dollars every day using the Millionaires Maker software. “$1,001,452 in my bank account… $6,181 in just one day… $5,127 in two and half hours of trading… $152,281 in a month is life changing…” those are just some of the fake testimonies from people who allegedly became millionaires by using this deceitful system.

Todd Salerno, is the alleged founder or CEO of this bogus site:, yet he is not available or anywhere to comment since he doesn’t exist. The story of this scam is very similar to many other fraudulent systems that we review: The first beta group which consisted of 45 members made amazing profits and now they’re looking for a second batch of beta testers. Once the 76 available spots are filled up, you won’t have a chance to sign up. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone,” asserts Mr. Salerno, and theywill be gone in a matter of days, if not hours.” Dalam kenyataan, they will never be gone unless everyone reads our review. The con-artist continues on, alluring you with promises of financial independence and pictures of expensive hotels, houses, mobil, liburan. He’s offering youan opportunity to retire in a matter of weeks.The claims are not new to us and in this case we already have solid evidence to indicate that we’re dealing with a dangerous trap.

Recognize the girl in the picture?


This girl gave a fake testimonial to the Aussie Method SCAM! Angela Winfrey exposed her in this funny video:

So what information do we have up until now to prove that The Millionaires Maker is a scam?

Too-good-to-be-true promises, the usual “bintik-bintik kiri” manipulation and appealing to people’s greed and longing for financial freedom. To this we’d like to add the following: Notice the fake social media testimonials published on the Millionaires Maker website. Here’s another clear sign that we’re dealing with a scam. Why else would they show a screenshot of a Tweeter account that doesn’t even exist? All we could find on Tweeter are scam warnings related to this system. And the Facebook screenshot is even more messed up with only first names and no last names and countless other mistakes that make it obvious that this is not an authentic Facebook screenshot. Have a look at theWhat do people say – find out why everyone is excitedsection of the Millionaires Maker website.

Lee Collins is averified userwho made $216,785. UmmA quick search revealed that this picture was stolen from the Google+ profile of a real person called Gerri Freeman! ( So the whole website is evidently full of lies. Sekarang, are you really going to risk your money by trying the Millionaires Maker?

Just because we have proved that the Millionaires Maker is a scam, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on binary options trading. Perhaps you will not become a millionaire in a couple of weeks, but you can still make a lot of money if you get good guidance or trade carefully using technical analysis. Start with a Free Demo Account and once you are ready to trade using real money, select an EU-regulated broker, seperti or one of WatchDog’s Broker-Broker Terpercaya. Make sure to visit WatchDog’s Recommended Signals Services and communities for help in choosing a legit signal service.

If you have an experience with The Millionaires Maker or any other scams, or if you would like to ask us anything or give us feedback, please post a comment below this review. Please avoid it and warn everyone you can because this is a viral scam and many newbies might make a mistake and trust this bogus and worthless “perangkat lunak”. Don’t get anywhere near the !!!

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