Bayesian Binary is a SCAM!

Bayesian Binary

Bayesian Binary Is SCAM

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The Bayesian Binary scam literally took the concept ofManipulationto an unprecedented level! In this review we decided to uncover a misleading system that will most likely become the nextbest money-wasting machinein the following weeks to come. Let’s not fool ourselves, the website does look very convincing. The entire pitch contains hints of truths, but it doesn’t compensate for the basic lies you can’t afford to ignore.

It’s funny how Jason and Jim, the alleged creators of the scheme, don’t seem to have last namesWe can’t seem to find any logical explanation for why a proud CEO of a profitable trading solution would rather hide his/her identity? Shouldn’t Jason and Jim feel proud of this amazing accomplishment? Or in other words, why can’t we even get a LinkedIn or any reference to these guys in real life. The spokesperson already decided to go on camera, why not give us at least a last name, or a story about who exactly are you. In an industry with so many paid actors and scam services, it’s becoming mandatory for traders to verify ‘whowe’re dealing with, before investing money!


We found many flaws in the narrative, the claim thatall the automated services are a scamwhile offering traders exactly the same solution. Why should we believe that everything else is fake and this is the only thing that works, it makes no sense. Ennfremur, thisJimstates that it’s the best service in the binary options industry because it’s based onBayesian Statistics”, it sounds all fancy to newbie day-traders but when you look into the common technical analysis tools that 95% of day-traders are using, you won’t find any reference to Bayesian Statistics so this entire concept is highly manipulative and can surely impress binary options traders who are not familiar with indicators and charts but professional traders will most likely never fall for this hoax.

Here is what’s really strange about, how come this website was only created a week ago? Já, it’s a brand new site and it wasn’t around before December, 2015 based on WhoIs.Net. This fact contradicts many statements made by the alleged creators of the Bayesian Binary System. When exactly did they find time to get that girl to post a half-naked video by the pool if this software didn’t even exist a few days ago?

Nothing makes sense about this and we won’t be surprised at all to receive plenty of negative feedback. If you decided to join, your testimonial will be much appreciated, feel free to share your experience below this review. If you are skeptical like us, we recommend that you wait for some testimonials by real traders and don’t take the word of email marketers who spam your email with silly invitations.

Úrskurður: Bayesian Binary is a SCAM

(unless proven otherwise!)

In case you believe we were too quick to reach a conclusion, please provide us with evidence of real success. Our goal is not to tarnish the reputation of reputable signals services and we recognize that not all binary options services are a scam, or in the category of misleading services. In the case of the Bayesian Binary System, too many facts didn’t seem to connect. Looking for better alternatives? Heimsækja Watchdog’s Approved Signals for Binary Options trading. We test services and brokers and recommend the best we find! New traders should start with a Ókeypis Sýnishorn Reikning before trading with real money. Thank you for taking a moment to read our Bayesian Binary review.

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