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Charity Profits Is SCAM

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We are actually saddened by the amount of traders that have already fallen victim to the Charity Profits APP scam by Megan Sanders. The feedback and emails keep coming in, and it honestly break our hearts to find that traders, especially new ones are registering for the Charity Profits software thinking that they truly are going to benefit whilst helping those less fortunate. With regards to this we are now writing our review in order to inform people that sadly all is not what it may seem, and that the Charity Profits app cannot be trusted to fulfill the promises made during the presentation, and during this review we will show you why not. So before you register for an account on the heimasíðu, have a look at the evidence first.

Megan Sanders actually talks a little bit too much during her presentation of the Charity Profits scam, and to make matters worse, she does not really talk about the details we are particularly interested in. Her whole pitch is about how she was a Financial Analyst for Deuche Bank, and head of the trades the bank placed. She then continues to tell us that she did a trip to Africa where her heart broke due to the suffering of the less fortunate people there. This of course is important as the background leads us to determine if she is telling the truth when it comes to the Charity Profits software, however the frustrating thing is that she left out some very crucial information that we require in order to make an advices decision on whether or not the software can be trusted. Instead she plays on our heart strings, in the hopes that we would sign up for an account to help Charity.


After watching the full pitch by Megan, you will know that she supposedly spent $2 million out of her own pocket to create the Charity Profits scam that she is offering to you today. The important thing that she conveniently misses out, and give no details for, is exactly how this system works. We are aware that she stated that she was head of trading at the Bank, however there is no proof of this, and we found no profiles indicating that she ever worked for Deutche Bank, how can we then be sure that she knows exactly what she is doing. Plus the fact that she spent that amount of money to put the Charity Profits software into production tells us she is not the one behind the development and programming. Sadly though, we are expected to just believe her word that the system works, as we are given no explanation or evidence of the auto trader actually working, which is the thing that pains us the most whilst writing this review, as traders are registering for seemingly nothing.

Here are a few more facts to prove that Megan Sanders does not know what she is talking about, and to prove to you that the Charity Profits App scam is simply a carefully put together sales pitch to get you to deposit. Ms Sanders claims that the auto trader will be generating profits for you 24/7, and making none less than $4k per day, and should you not make money within the first 24 hrs she will give you $5k from her own pocket. Fyrst af öllu, for someone who used to work in the trading industry, she seems to know very little about the active trading times, and there is no such thing as trading seven days a week. Markets are closed on weekends, and by leaving auto trading systems on over weekends are big risk, as the algorithm keeps running even if the markets are closed.

Secondly, there is no such thing as making four thousand dollars per day using a binary options auto trader, not with the Charity Profits software or any other system available out there. We do review upon review of scam systems claiming this, and here is the thing, they are never right! They are only trying to sell you the dream, and we know that this is untrue as well due to the feedback we have received so far. Thirdly again, due to the emails we have been getting in regarding trades that have fallen victim to the Scam, we know for a fact that Megan will not be paying you that $5k she promised. To date we already know of more than a hand full of people that she currently owes that $5k to, as they did not make a single penny whilst trading with the auto trader.

Plus for those of you who have not noticed during the pitch for the Charity Profits software. Those “happy†traders giving their review of their experience with the system are very happy people indeed, not because they actually made money with the auto trader, but because they made money to read out a script provided to them. For those who are interested, you can go over to and you will be able to find most of the traders giving their review there.

Again as we said, it is sad for us to see that so many traders have already fallen for Megan Sanders and her Charity Profits scam in the hopes of truly helping those less fortunate whilst making it big themselves. This just again proves why it is so important to do your research and to ensure you know the details of the software you are potentially looking to invest in. In this case we know that Ms Sanders knows nothing about trading, and that they carefully put the script together in the hopes of appealing to people who have a soft spot for charities and helping others.

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Megan Sanders is obviously just a crook actress and nothing more, period. If you fell victim to this scam or anything related we encourage you to email us at, we will guide on how to take steps against them and hopefully retrieve your money back. Please share your feedback below our Charity Profits Review and help us deter others from making the same mistake.

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