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Prizm Tech Is SCAM

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Important, read our full review regarding the new Prizm Tech SCAM owned by the alleged Richard Squire. We have already received a few worrying emails, and we are expecting more to flood in the further this scam goes. The approach taken behind the scrip writers for the Prizm scam has been creative and new to the industry, which is one of the biggest reasons the victims are piling up instead of this software being kicked to the curb where it actually belongs. We are being harsh we know, but after reading our full review on the website and presentation, you will understand our anger.

Richard Squire claims to be the owner and developer for the Prizm Tech software, and the reason auto trader exist in the first place, yes we know, very bold claims being made here. So for the purpose of our review we started with the person behind this. During the presentation you can clearly hear Mr Squire state that he has been in this industry since 2007, and practically the brains behind all of this. I that however was true, surely there must be some link to this guy. Regrettably, there is none, no social media profiles revealing his trusted identity, or a professional Linkedin page, nothing. For someone that claims to be the father of it all, there is nothing to be found.

So what is the reason why traders are falling for the Prizm Tech scam system and registering? As mentioned before, the writers behind this one took to a clever strategy by informing you that previous confirmed scams, Quick cash system and Auto Money Generator are scams. This is not news, everyone knows by now that they are scam systems, but the too the unknowing, ie new traders, they are unaware, meaning if they then proceed to search for these scams they can see the truth, which installs false confidence.

So here is the funny part really as to why the Prizm Technology is and always will be the only auto trader that works, and that is the explanation of needing a so called API Key. By giving us this explanation Richard Squire is claiming that any and all other auto traders available in the market today is deprived of the Prizm Scam, and the reason they will never work, is because they cannot generate this API Key. Which also apparently translates into the broker and the auto trader not syncing correctly, and practically playing the guessing game, which is why they all fail. This however is just some clever reason put together to make it sound believable to anyone who knows nothing of these kinds of things. The fact that he claims that so many technology companies are wrong, and that so many systems out there today which have been proven to work are all fake just because of this API key is ludicrous.

Prizm is full of sad, manipulative stories aimed to make you relate…


Let’s have a look at a few other things that will further confirm that the Prizm is a scam, and should be treated as nothing less. First of all Mr. Squire claims that he created and has been testing the Prizm scam auto trader since 2007 and since then the software have been able to consistently generate 78% win rate ever since. Well clearly the advertisers putting this thing together forgot about one slight detail. Binary options has only been around for the past eight years, and auto trader only became available a year after that. According to Richard, he has been working and tweaking his binary options auto trader for the past nine years. Go figure… This review is probably pointless for those who have experience.

The other thing that does not make sense even one bit regarding the Prizm scam, is the so called win ratio. During the presentation you can clearly hear Richard state that the software successfully generates 78% consistently. He then also states that you are able to generate over $379 in a few minutes?? Virkilega, ever tried making over $300 in just an hour, with a win rate of say 85%? Probably not, because it is not possible, especially not with a trade volume of $25. Therefore his claim is bogus and misleading. You will be lucky to make $100 a day with a win rate of just under eighty percent.

One of the very big reasons we call the Prizm software one of the most dangerous scam software’s out there, is because the pitch and script has been written in such a way that it plays on your emotional state, due to a previous experience you might have had. People then make an emotional connection and end up losing their money. The other thing you should be aware of and take note of. Whilst looking at the website, notice how there are no declaimers, no policies, no way of contacting their so called top of the range support team. Yet he claims they are the elite of the elite and it is because of them that the business even exists.

The pure lack of information, evidence, and standard risk warnings is more worrying than anything else. Another fact that you can look up for yourself as well, if you should google Prizm Tech, or Prizm Software, notice all the scam warning reviews that appear, but when you stifle through all of them, you will not find one positive or trusted review or website for that matter related to the system. So much for a software that has been around since 2007, when you can’t even find one ounce of information. Do your research, stay on top of what is happening in the binary options industry, og síðast en ekki síst, follow trusted blogs and reviewers on Youtube in order to ensure you never fall on the wrong side of scam systems.

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On our blacklist page you can find a complete list of scams with a corresponding review per each of the sites we exposed. For complaints and disputes against shady brokers and signals services, we encourage our visitors to email us directly at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to assist you free of any charge. Please share your feedback below this warning, if you decided to join the Prizm scam. The more information and experiences we can get from traders, the better this review will deter others from making the same mistake, only to waste their time and money.

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