Hagnað Eilífð er SVIKAMYLLA!

Hagnað Eilífð

Hagnað Eilífð Er SVIKAMYLLA

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Hagnað Eilífð brýtur tvöfaldur valkostur farartæki-viðskipti scam mold, með því að koma í fyrsta kvenkyns kynningar söguhetjan. Þeir hafa örugglega að finna góð leikkona fyrir starf. Hún skilar handritið vel og hún í raun hljómar sannfærandi. Had it not been for the stale lies we have already heard hundreds of times, she might’ve gotten away with theft here. Því miður, the quality and gender of the actor is where the originality stops in this scam. Jane Creswell, the CEO and owner of ProfitsEternity.com, was handed a script quite possibly worn out by use over the years. One has to wonder whether all these scams are perpetrated by the same bunch of “entrepreneurs”, or whether various scammer-gangs steal these scripts from each-other. They might be right though: for those most likely to fall for these scams, the originality of the text probably does not matter anyway.

The alleged CEO, Jane Creswell employs all the greed-arousing techniques one would expect from such a video, and she breaks records promises-wise. Á einum tímapunkti, she says she made $9,978,882 in a year, then she adds a line lifted straight from the “Wolf of Wall Street”: she says she was pissed because she ended up just shy of $10 milljón. Já, that’s a great line…but only when Leonardo DiCaprio delivers it. Einnig, we’d already heard it in another such scam video and found it cringe-worthy back then too.


“Cringe worthy” is in fact the adjective that perfectly describes the Profits Eternity scam. Jane’s good acting skills and convincing style clash with the magnitude of the BS she delivers, resulting in a cringe-worthy mess of lies and “how can she say that with a straight face?” moments.

Who is Jane Creswell though? She’s definitely an actress, who was probably picked up by the scammers on Fiverr.com. As said above, talent-wise she ranks above most of the people who usually push these scams, but she should never pose as a trader, or she should have someone in the know pore over her script beforehand. The story that she serves up regarding the trading performance of her software and the way it’s able to just pull out of trades in the last second, when it looks like it’s working a loser, is truly priceless. One would assume that the people who gave her the script knew better…but apparently they didn’t.

That’s not how binary option trading works. If it worked that way, one wouldn’t need a trading system to win 100% of the time…one could just pull out of every sour-looking trade manually…and get his/her money back. If you believe that’s possible, you probably deserve to be burnt by this scam.

Another major bomb that Jane drops in her promotional video is that she claims traders don’t have to bring any money into the fold whatsoever…and she never backtracks on this statement either, like some of the other scammers do, who sometimes come clean when they assume their victim has been hooked and has emotionally committed. Jane doesn’t fiddle around with such honesty-nonsense though. She just drops the lie and that’s that. How you digest it, is your problem.

Another major mistake that Jane commits is that she lets us take a peek into the trading interface of her auto-trader. There, we catch a glimpse of the broker the whole operation is associated with. VXmarkets er unlicensed og stjórnlausar tvöfaldur valkostur miðlari, eða ættum við að segja óþekktarangi. Ef þú keyrir í leit á VXmarkets, þú verður hissa að í sumum af fjölmörgum scam dóma sem þeirra uppátæki eru nákvæmar, þú munt í raun að vera varaði sem þú kannt að hafa verið sendur það við einn af farartæki-viðskipti leggur eins og Hagnað Eilífð.

Ef Jane $10 milljónir komu frá VXmarkets, við höfum nokkuð góð hugmynd um hvers konar peningar sem við erum að tala um. VXmarkets gæti líklega aldrei að greiða úr $10 milljónir ef þeir vildu, ekki að hélt myndi alltaf yfir huga þeirra. Jane segir einnig að myndband er aðeins hægt að skoða 300 sinnum, eftir það verður sjálf-sprengja, eða dularfullur hverfa inn í þunnt loftið. Við höfum hressandi þeirra meira en heimasíðuna 300 sinnum bara að þrátt fyrir allt hlutur, and we can safely say that’s a lousy joke.

Altogether, the whole promotional effort is too long, repetitive, unoriginal and cringe-worthy here and there. It drags on forever too. Jane tries to tickle our greed buds way too many times, and in a way too conspicuous fashion. Her personal story sounds…what’s the right expression for it?…Made up! Probably because that’s exactly what it is… Do we even have to mention that the promises of profits delivered are way beyond being too good to be true? The day you’ll make a single buck with this system, let alone $6,000+, will be the day this incarnation of Jane Creswell runs for POTUS.

Endurskoðun Úrskurður: Hagnað Eilífð er SVIKAMYLLA!

Blacklisted website – ProfitsEternity.com

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