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Click Trade App Is SCAM

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Purtroppo Clic Commercio App TRUFFA sta andando virale, pertanto, è importante scrivere questa recensione, utilizzando fatti e il senso comune, aimed to deter potential victims. Honestly if you can actually watch the whole presentation on the ClicktradeApp.com website with a straight face without bursting into laughter then don’t know what is becoming of the industry anymore. The Click Trade App software seems to be hitting new traders to binary options who have never traded before, as those that have been in the industry for a while see what we see, and struggle to take this John Cross guy even remotely seriously.

The alleged John Cross claims that the Click Trade App works by some or other Algobitex algorithm which is the biggest and most powerful data analyses “thing / system†in the world. The problem is that, not only have never heard of such and algorithm, but neither has google or any dictionary you might have to hand. The word quite literally does not exist, which is probably the first clue that this is one of the lamest scam systems ever, if they have to invent their own words to sound legit.

Should we continue this review? We promised some facts so let’s proceed.

We could have actually stopped there, but in order to ensure we do a thorough job for our review of the Click Trade App software we of course took our investigation further. Mr John Cross, turns out to be none other than… drum roll please… Fiverr.com actor by the nickname of ‘Activerog’. To be quite frank, we have no idea why on earth they have selected him for their spokesperson. If you knew you were going to pay someone $5 for every 50 words, they could have at least chosen someone who has good English, this guy does not even know how to pronounce half the words he is speaking.

Here is a snapshot of the lame actor’s gig, just in case you think we’re making this up:


The uneducated remarks during the pitch video of the Click Trade App scam does unfortunately not stop there. You really have to think for yourself who is behind an auto trader such as this if they cannot even get the basics right. John talks about the trades of the system and what you are able to achieve whilst trading on complete autopilot, and here is the thing, you can apparently earn between 100% e 250% payouts on each trade. Well for one, we have never come across a broker that offers more than 85% maximum, and second who in their right mind will give you more than double what you have invested in the first place, it would be suicide for the broker.

Regrettably the lying and conceiving does not stop there. The Click Trade App scam is being marketed as being able to generate each trader a staggering thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand three hundred dollars per day. Truth be told, this is not even remotely possible for one of the trusted auto traders that we and many other day traders are currently using, how then can it be possible for a system that has just been released into the binary options market. This is not even to mention that their claims being made without any backup proof whatsoever. Yes we know that they have the testimonials, however they are also from Fiverr, which makes them just as reliable as John Cross, which is exactly 0%.

All of this is for a system that is supposedly over 2 years old, for the reason being that Mr Cross has been trading with the ClicktradeApp.com software since then. Despite all his claims, we of course double checked into this fact that he is making, only to find that this as well is a lie, and that the auto trader was only successfully registered on the 2nd Feb 2016, which makes it no more than 4 months old. Therefore the testimonials and his own true account is not real and cannot be trusted.

Scam systems such as the Click Trade App scam are popping up at a pace of almost 2 a day that we are aware off, and we are finding the more that pop up the more ridiculous they become. The time has never been so important as it has been now to know exactly what you are registering for, and to be on the safe side and ensure you follow the trusted traders in the industry, because chances are, if the system works, they will know about it, if not, then you are out of luck with whichever system you are currently considering.

Recensione Verdetto: Fare clic Commercio App è una TRUFFA!

Blacklisted website – ClicktradeApp.com

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Those who made a mistake and registered with this fraud before stumbling upon this review, know that it’s never too late and we’ll gladly assist you with any complaints and disputes at no charge, email us directly at [email protected]. Please share your feedback below and if possible, help us deter others from joining this scam, be sharing this warning on your Social Networks.

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