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The Finance Herald Is SCAM

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Today we reached a fact-based conclusion regarding The Finance Herald aka, бұл’ы афера! Please read this review and discover exactly how you’re being conned and deceived by online crooks. This website seems to target Dutch speaking day-traders but others may also receive invitations to join this fraudulent site.

Let’s start with the first lie that really stood out as we watched The Finance Herald intro video. We instantly found the famous actress and a repeat offender, guilty of working with previous binary options scam offers we exposed! The developers even translated her English to Dutch, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is collaborating with scam operations, responsible for $100,000’s in losses by victims and possibly more! She’s been doing it over and over, without any empathy for those who may trust her testimonials, not knowing that in reality she is a filthy, lying bitch, who works for $5 per video on! At least charge more if you decide to resell your soul to the devil. Lying with a straight face to thousands of potential victims is just as bad, you belong in a female prison in the UK where you reside. The fact that theFinance Heraldhosted on: couldn’t find any real members to provide them with real testimonials is a substantial RED FLAG!!!

If the software is so successful, why would they hire the same girl we’ve seen promote Profit with Cindy, Auto Wealth Bot, Atlas Intelligence and many other scam services we previously exposed. Don’t believe us she is just an actress? Here is a link to her gig page:

Болсын’ы көзге, she is a good actress if they keep picking her..thefinanceherald

Snapshot from

Katie has a long history of promoting every new scam that hits the market, it’s a great way to weed out deceptive services, since we can recognize most of the actors they hire from but Let’s move on, after all she is just a puppet and not the real scammer behind the German targeted scam service.


Here she is again promoting a different scam!

The Finance Herald website does leave a good first impression, especially considering it appears that thismagical systemwas covered on theEcho Newschannel. Unfortunately we couldn’t find this channel anywhere and the video leads to YouTube, it doesn’t have many views, which indicates that this offer is completely new.

Whatever manipulative type of BS you were fed in Dutch, we encourage you not to fall for it and understand that this review is here to protect you. At our goal is to put scammers out of business! Why would you trust anyone who uses fake testimonials instead of real members to testify that their software is successful? It’s a question you should never over lookwe clearly showed you that The Finance Herald is using such deceptive tactic in this review. It should be more than enough to deter you from investing money with those dirty liars. This offer is not one that we can recommend, considering the track record of services that engage in similar business practices such as you’ll find with The Finance Herald aka

Үкім: The Finance Herald is a SCAM


If you are still considering to join the Finance Herald after reading this review, we encourage you to wait for some feedback by our website visitors. We have many Dutch speaking subscribers and we’re looking forward to get some comments from you, in English if possible. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this important review.

For more information on potential scam offers in the binary options field, we encourage you to visit Күзеттік Таймері қара тізімі. If you are completely new to online trading and binary options, start with a Тегін Демо-Шот before you invest real money.

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