WikiTrader 정직한 리뷰가의 사기!

WikiTrader 정직한 리뷰가의 사기!

WikiTrader 정직한 리뷰가의 사기! 사기

Binary WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! Is a SCAM Binary Options WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! Scam Alert Don't buy WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! Is a SCAM Warning WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! Binary Options Signlas SCAM WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! Be aware from WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! 왜 당신이 필요하지 않 sign up : WikiTrader 정직한 리뷰가의 사기! Auto Trading Robot WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! Robot WikiTrader Honest Review – Be Warned of Scam! 은 사기 또는 합법? WikiTrader 정직한 리뷰가의 사기! 사기

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WikiTrader is among the many automated systems built on September 13th, 2016 바이너리 옵션 거래. 당신처럼 흥미를 켈리 러스는'동영상, we were also moved and decided to dig deeper to find out the real truth behind this software. If you have probably lost money through this software, or you were about to, our WikiTrader review will reveal all the scam behind it.

While digging every nook and crevice of this system, several issues came to our attention that raised some red flag. We are going to reveal them here so you can know Kelly Wallace’s scheme of milking cash from you.

Before proceeding deeper into the review, we would like to let you know that so many people have lost their money through this software. Serious and dedicated investors always trade with genuine auto-trading software systems. You should therefore stay away from WikiTrader for good.

3-2Why is WikiTrader a scam?

지금, the first thing that points out to their scam is that WikiTrader resorted to hiring an actress plus a professional filming team to create a perfect impression of a highly successful trading company. Their website has outstanding claims regarding the number of people who have successfully earned profits through the system.

The biggest scam and lie they tell you, which is written in bold is “EASILY MAKE $8600 EXTRA PER MONTH USING WIKITRADER’S AUTOMATED APP”.

We’ve seen such trickery before and they do not have any way of converting your $250 into $8,600 in a month. When scrolling even deeper, they come up with an even more grandiose lie which claims that their automated system gives guarantees of at least $7,250 루. Have you noted out the lie in their claim?

Let us elaborate it. At first they say that its $8,600 당 이익 달, then just below that, they claim that you can make up to $7,250 in one day, which should equal $217,500 in a month. All we got to ask WikiTrader is “what is their stand? $8,600 나 $217,500?

Take note that anyone coming out to claim that you should use this software is simply a paid actor or gets payment from binary options broker commission.

Detailed scam revealed

The above scam is just a tip of the iceberg. We went ahead to discover more lies after watching Kelly’s video. When starting off her video, she claims to be a business woman, after which she transitions to become a bathing suit model, then a sultry woman in pajamas. This is a pretty new concept used to attract people to use this scam trading software.

Kelly Wallace in the first place, isn’t the owner of this software as the video claims. From our findings, we were able to find out that she is just a paid actor. This is clearly revealed when the o called CEOs of the app, Kelly and Reed Wallace first appear on the video. They use just the same exact scheme used by other scam trading software available out there: genius minds that comes up with some magic software to help traders. Their video is highly pitched on marketing and they focus nothing towards enlightening the user about the software.

Kelly insists on people’ acknowledgement of her fame through various investment ventures he has made with her firm. The truth however is that she actually seems to tell the truth, we of course recognized her, not as the capital firm owner, but as the pretty face of another terrible SCAM that was exposed a few month ago.

After we created our account with their platform, there was nothing. 대, we were connected with broker named AlgoStar. AlgoStar is nothing but an unlicensed broker. They claim to use HelloMarkets trading platform.

3Unrealistic trading results

The primary components when determining the efficiency of any auto-trading software is using their trading results. In the case for WikiTrader, there are a number of things that are totally unacceptable and it would be hard to convince even a novice trader.

For instance Kelly Wallace together with their team claim that their successful winning ratios have even reached 100%. Through our experience in binary trading, we have never come across a perfect trading app which can produce the results that Kelly and her team claim.

The video also ha a couple of outlandish comments from a footage where a member makes a bold statement that he has successfully managed to cash in a massive profit of about $70,000 from the time he joined to date. This is a straight lie and raises anyone’s suspicions regarding the truth behind such claims.

Fake promises

The promise of making $8600 a month which we already saw that is conflicting with another figure, is nothing but a fake promise. If indeed riches came this easily, then I bet she wouldn’t have bothered to show us this software. She would have kept it to herself.

When they successfully manage to convince you to sign up for their scam software and deposit initial trade amount, you start losing your trades, 한 후 다른. This is because their software operates on no realistic principle.

We tried to dig deeper into the sincerity of this app, and just like we had expected, there was nothing truthful about this crap. WikiTrader isn’t a potential money making application, instead it I designed to milk money from its users. WikiTrader is nothing but a BIG SCAM and we will reveal it to the last bit of it.

What WikiTrader isn’t telling you?

Concerning their website, it basically has a marketing video, email subscription and a timer. Other things include the more likely unauthentic testimonials and fake logos.

To begin with, their timer is bogus. They claim that they are on their beta testing phase and thus have only 100 limited positions left for prospects. What they aren’t telling you I that they have a huge room ready to accommodate as many unfortunate investors that are going to fall victim of their trap. They timer is nothing but something to entice you to sign up quickly. 그렇지 않으면, it is ever running and will never come to a stop.

Who is Kelly Wallace? Is she a cute face or WikiTrader CEO?

Kelly insists that she is an investor and a business woman. Can you smell any truth in her claims? Let’s find out! Kelly Wallace, which is of course not her real name, has gained a lot of fame through persistent acting on scam binary options presentations. She is not the owner of anything a she claims to be. If you have been in binary options industry for some time, you must have noticed her face in the Quick Cash System scam that was busted about a year back.

This woman was featured in the Quick Cash System where she masqueraded a Sarah Markel, Quick Cash System CEO. 그럼에도 불구하고, she is a really good actress and should have been awarded some year award or something. Quick Cash System was actually a flop which encountered a catastrophic fall and crash, running away with investments of so many traders.

그래서, what exactly do you think is in store with WikiTrader? Is it going to experience the same flop as Quick Cash Systems? It’s just a matter of time! So be warned!

Built on lies

Every bit of WikiTrader reveals that their crap is built on nothing but a foundation of lies. How can anyone believe a word they say? From our own research, this woman is nothing but an actress who is after making a living from her dirty work. Even though she made some changes to her physical looks, it wasn’t hard for us to notice and recognize her.

The devious minds that are behind the WikiTrader scam and other such platforms always conceal their identities from the public so that when their lies are unfolded, they can devise new ones and present them to us. The real creators of this scam software are up to earning money from your sweat by using cunny and false approaches which claim to offer your assistance when they are actually robbing you silently.

3-1Is WikiTrader for free?

Of course not, even though that’s the message they pass across. No one is going to give you riches for free overnight. You are required to make a deposit of $250 for your account to be activated.

No trading strategy or analysis

This cam does not have a functional strategy that is comprehensive. They do not have any history of trading algorithms. They do not have any solid proof but only a bunch of cooked up testimonials.

What else can you expect from a company whose CEO is fake? Their testimonials are purely fake. The faces used on their testimonials are nothing but stolen pictures from various part of the internet. Their testimonial have been fabricated and put together by the crook minds behind this software.


Our candid advice is for any trader who want to see their future through trading should stay away from this WikiTrader scam. They have endless promises which are also composed of mixed up figures and claims. Their claim of $8,600 per month and $7,250 a day clearly shows how mature is their cam. We hope this honest review on WikiTrader scam will help you stay away from such kind of money milking schemes found on the web.

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