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Onassis Alliance

Onassis Alliance Is SCAM

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Prastas Aristotelio Onassis tikriausiai tekinimo jo kapo… The Onassis Alliance system is one of the newest Auto Trading scam sites to hit the market. Į OnassisAlliance.co promotional videos uploaded to YouTube on November 5th just a few days prior to this review, serving as living proof to the fact that scammers never sleep. They continuously churn outwildly profitabletrading deals for everyday people, which guarantee them millions upon millions of dollars, without allegedly wanting anything in return.


Why would someone name a scam auto-trader after a long deceased Greek shipping tycoon though? To conjure subconscious images of wealth in the minds of those reading about it? At this point, it is safe to say the public at largeespecially the category most prone to falling victim to such scamsno longer knows about Mr. Onassishe did pass away in 1975 after all. Vis dar, he must have descendants, so there could be an extra lawsuit in this, provided the perpetrators of the disgraceful Onassis Alliance scam are ever apprehended.

Do you really believe you can make $600+ an hour? Continue reading this review and find out! There’s a decent lead to start off on in this respect too: the person in the video, who claims to be Jed Onassis. The second we caught glimpse of him, we recognized him. You see, this isn’t the first such scam Mr. Onassis has been seen to promote. There was another one, featuring him on a yacht, in which he also claimed to be able to run laps around Wall Street and their trading technology , with software off his laptop.

Those who are versed in binary options and have spent some time reviewing and analyzing various legitimate and scammy auto traders, will see that the main character isn’t the only recycled piece of the Onassis Alliance video. There are various cut-scenes and pictures meant to induce fits of greed and envy in the viewer, which have also been featured in quite a number of such efforts.

Who is Mr. Jed Onassis though? Or should we call him Mr. Robert I. Sackett rather? This guy isn’t just a binary option scam celebrity, he’s also a B-movie actor, and -under his real namehe actually has a social media presence too. Someone has apparently managed to produce a video of Mr. Sackett singing Irish Eyes in his living room, so he’s indeed quite something.

J.. Scam Artist from the alleged Onassis Alliance, don’t be fooled by his acting skills.


If all that doesn’t have you convinced that you’re dealing with a pathetic scam yet, just breathe in the massive BS Sackett feeds to everyone willing to listen. The offer itself is the very definition oftoo good to be true”. Sackett claims that his software never loses a trade and can produce 97%+ winning rates, while breaking even the rest of the time.

Technology-wise, he doesn’t go into many details: he has some super trading algorithms working for him, coupled with super fast data transfer and reaction-times. He has a system that places counter-trades on trades that are about to go sourwe’ve heard all this before and not once or twice either. Those who know their trading and how brokers work, know that there is no such thing as placing counter trades and breaking even. It’s a mathematical impossibility on account of the return rates involved. Be to, the wholefaster than greased lightningangle has been over-abused by now!

To give credit where credit’s due, Sackett is indeed a better actor than some of the specimens one can see in other such scam videos. There’s a reason why he’s never made it past B-movie status though: he’s not terribly convincing. He sells us a tear-jerking story about how friends should help out friends, and he goes the extra mile, floating the possibility of his in-house specialist offering advice on handling the money people will make through his software.

It would all be quite funny if it weren’t for the fact that it is all a well targeted attempt to cash in on the despair of those most vulnerable. As B-movie as he may be, Sackett far outshines the other actors featured in the promotional video. Those pretending to be clients of the Onassis alliance, are way out of their comfort zones doing this, and we can tell. The actual trading interface featured by the Onassis Alliance is a fairly run-of-the mill one, with an auto-trading button. All victims clients have to do is to flip this switch and they’re on their way to making millions of dollars.

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