Million Dollar Months is a SCAM!!! Kajian Terperinci!

Million Dollar Months

Million Dollar Months Is SCAM

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Don’t get tempted to join the Million Dollar Months scam by the alleged Brad Davis. In this review we manage to collect some important information that should influence your decision and definitely deter you from joining. The fraudulent website in question is: and it’s heavily solicited via email campaigns.

At our goal is to expose liars and deceivers who prey on newbie day-traders, interested to make money with day trading, and when it comes to Million Dollar Months we have no doubt that it’s a scam so let’s jump straight to the facts. If we told you that the owner is fake, would you still trust the narrative? Setelah semua, why would a proud app owner find it necessary to hide behind a stock photo such as this one:

Does he look familiar to you?


The individual in the picture is not a “Brad Davis” and certainly not the CEO of the Million Dollar Months App. Anyone, including yourself, can purchase this picture and name it as you wish. Common sense should already lead you to the necessary conclusion after finding out that the app creator is fake. Why would a credible service lie about such an important piece of information? Unless of course it’s just another scam.

Considering that Million Dollar Months “generated $38,000,000 in the course of 3 years” and “netted a select group of beta testers over $1,000,000 a month” as they claim, one would expect them to be able to provide potential members with some real evidence, staff and/or a CEO you can confirm and real testimonials. Instead they simply used a bunch of fake pictures, including the most important one, and created a very pushy looking scam site urging members to join ASAP. When visiting you will notice how “your time is running out” and “only a few memberships” are available, therefore you better act quickly…Yet similar to other scam sites we review, if you visit the website again it will magically restart and you will be granted access, “against all odds”…

We can understand how newbie binary options traders might fall for the Million Dollar Months scam, it looks promising but it’s always important to do some research before you join any signals provider or automated system in the field. This review is authentic but you will find many promotional reviews with false information, therefore you must be very careful when deciding on which blogs you can trust. The bottom line is that if no concrete evidence is available and deception is used to earn your business, stay away and don’t waste your time and money. The Million Dollar Months App is not free, just like any binary options service you will be required to fund an account with a broker and invest the minimum to get access. Shady services like tend to work with unregulated, scam brokers so with any service you join, you got to conduct a ‘double background-check’ instead of relying on a single review. We hope that after reading this warning, you will refrain from joining this trap and we encourage you to share and comment below if you decided to test it or have any thoughts.

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