ArmChair Millionaire is a Funny SCAM!!

ArmChair Millionaire is a Funny SCAM!!

ArmChair Millionaire is a Funny SCAM!! Is SCAM

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What on earth is up with the new scams that are coming out?! Here is a new one.. the ArmChair Millionaire. The fake testimonials are really not convincing, next time you should hire some ‘Rich-Looking peopleto seduce online traders to sign up with your future scams. The pop-up feature is also getting really annoying, if you visited the website you surely know what we mean, each time you move your mouse, this annoying email squeeze pop-up appears with a fake count down indicating how much time you have left before your chance to become a millionaire expires and you will forever be poor and miserable.

Bħal dejjem, everyone is selected, everyone is winning bonuses and everyone is going to become an ArmChair Millionaire, naturalment, it all makes sense. The teenagers in the testimonials wereso convincingthat we almost decided to try it out, MHUX!!! See this as a warning, the website ArmChairMillionaire.NET is a SCAM and has nothing to do with binary options trading.

We’re getting sick of the scams that just keep coming out and we realize now that if it wasn’t for that Stupid Marketplace, which allows the scam artists to purchase fake testimonials, design scammy looking sites and get a voiceover done, all in a matter of 1-2 - il jum, those scams would’ve had a much harder time creating fake offers, left and right, on a daily basis. In this review we are not only going to point a finger at the Arm Chair Millionaire SCAM and all the websites promoting this worthless software, we also blame the shady marketplace. is going to make it on our blacklist if they fail to discontinue to work with scams, we are %100 sure that they can create rules to stop certain transactions from taking place. Fiverr is getting %20 of every sale that is made via their marketplace deducted from the sellers, so they are getting money and a lot of it, for each scam that’s created and consider that many of the fraud websites would’ve never been there if it wasn’t for Fiverr. ArmChairMillionaire.NET is just another SCAM but they are not the root of the problem. We did some research and found that if you really want someone to lie for a few minutes and do it well, it will cost you more than $5, so don’t think for a second that the actors are under paid or victims, we are sure that every seller that agrees to lie via a fake testimonial is a criminal and Micha Kaufman the CEO of Fiverr should be held accountable for what his website is becoming, a safe haven for scam artists who are interested in a convenient way to commit fraud.


Il - IC3.GOV, Feds and WatchDog agencies around the world are simply not doing enough, how do we know? We get 2000+ visitors daily on WatchDog and we posted lot’s of warnings, we estimate that scams like the ArmChair Millionaire, Binary Boom and all the rest of the filthy side of the binary options industry, are making millions for each software they launch to the public.

Issa, it’s important to note that we’re not accusing these websites of being scams just because their trading performance is terribly low since it still doesn’t indicate that the website is necessarily a scam but when they promise over a $1000 a day and fail to deliver even %10 of what they guarantee, they fall under the category of a scam by all means! We’re not going to cry about a trader who creates a service and fails to provide with good signals but at the same time doesn’t guarantee anything, this would be categorized as a ‘lousy service’.

Why is there so much evil? It’s the Internet, a faceless world, the scam artists behind the ArmChair Millionaire might be 18-20 years old for all you know, it’s convenient to steal money from people you never have to see face to face and it’s a cowardly act. Many of the younger savvy folks online are knowingly participating in countless of frauds and unfortunately many of the victims are older folks who are new to the internet.

Let’s finish, we’re not even going to elaborate and tell you more about this software, they don’t deserve your time and they don’t deserve our time so if you are interested to trade binary options, don’t go with any offers solicited via email campaigns, avoid shady looking offers and sign up with EU regulated binary options brokers. You can also start with a Kont Demo Ħielsa as we always advice and if you are interested to trade binary options with the help of an educational program, reliable signals services and mentoring, iċċekkja l-Għassiesa tal - ’s Approved Signals for Binary Options and please share your comments or feedback if you tried or if you are currently trading with

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