Guaranteed Payouts is a SCAM!

Guaranteed Payouts

Guaranteed Payouts Is SCAM

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This is an important warning concerning the new Guaranteed Payouts scam, after reading this review you will have no doubt in your mind that should be avoided at all cost! Before we get into some disturbing facts, let’s be reminded of the previous scams we reviewed. Guaranteed Profits and Guaranteed Wealth both turned out to be fraudulent automated systems, based on user feedback and as exposed on other forums.

Victor Langley, the alleged developer of Guaranteed Payouts and the ex-senior engineer of an unknownglobal networks company”, claims to be the first person ever to guarantee the profitability of a software. It’s not very reassuring, considering that he doesn’t offer any way to verify his credentials and you will not find it on any fake review that you may stumbled upon.

On the 2nd page, notice that there are only 90 spots left. Come back in an hour, day or a week later and you will notice that Victor Langley will still be pitching the same BS, not that a fakememberships leftcount-down widget would be any better, but why push people to join if there are only a few spots left anyway?


This deceitful loser, Victor Langley really pressures members towards the end, rushing you to act fast! Leaving you absolutely no time to process what’s happening, Certainly not enough time to land on this review before you end up wasting your money with the so-called Guaranteed Payouts system, app or whatever they chose to name this bogus virtual junk. All it is in reality is a money-making scheme and not a serious binary options trading solution. It’s very unfortunate for us to review so many frauds, almost on a daily basis, and watch the industry literally plagued by scam sites with insane promises that are too good to be true, giving potential members absolutely no evidence!

The dumbest part about this Guaranteed Fraud site is how the voice narrator claims the following: “Guaranteed Payouts System relies on the Fundamental laws of physicswhich laws of physics is he referring to? If he was foolish enough to bring science into this dirty scam, Victor Langley better provide us with some empirical evidence. This alarming-looking site is not convincing at all, and the fancy vacations, cars and families having fun and enjoying life is just silly! The fraudulent claims and pressure tactics can only convince newbie day-traders or wishful thinker and if you are one of the other, we certainly hope that you find this review in time!

Commenting and sharing this review can help us go viral and spread this warning to potential victims. Just like Guaranteed Payouts, you will find plenty of identical offers listed on our Blacklist page, using the same structure, features and misleading statements. Research is the key and we’re glad you found our blog. Many blogs in the binary options industry are created by the same developers who are behind the scams and this is one of the many ways they attempt to mislead the public, flooding Google with fake reviews, posted on generic-looking sites.

After a while you will easily manage to detect and avoid them, including the email marketers who are sending you invitations to scam offers such as byVictor Langley and his buddy Nigel”…

Verdett: Guaranteed Payouts is a SCAM!

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