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Nesdek Is SCAM

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Stay far away from the Nesdek SCAM App, you are bound to lose your money. During our investigation and review we exposed Mike McDonald the alleged CFO of Nesdek Inc, and all the fake claims and promises he makes to each and every day-trader landing on the or webpage. Before you waste your money away with the Nesdek App, be sure to read into the facts and evidence we gathered on this awful money making scheme.

Mike McDonald states that he is CFO of Nesdek Inc, and that he has been for a few years. The Company has supposedly made hundreds of people millionaires, those who were fortunate to use the Nesdek Inc App. Of course the first thing we also look into when people add a Company name to a presentation such as what Mike, is we try every way we possibly can to try and find that corporation. Needless to say, all our searches came up empty, in fact Google even got so annoyed at us that it started referring us to other similar keywords, assuming we probably spelled the name wrong. Furthermore, as for the claims that this scam has been around for a few years to make more than a handful of millionaires, that is untrue as well. We did a quick search on Who.Is Domain Lookup and found that has only been around since April 2016, as well as the twin site Nesdek Corp hosted on, therefore those traders that are now rich, are not rich after all.

Can anyone find the Nesdek Inc CFO anywhere? We didn’t think so…


We couldn’t trade Mike McDonald on LinkedIn, Facebook or anywhere on the Internet.

The Nesdek scam works by allegedly analyzing each and every trade being placed in the market, as well as all of the result. By analyzing all this data, it can then establish a clear trend in which direction the market is going in, and place trades accordingly. Well actually no, the idea is that it places the trades the moment it realizes a trend is developing and post the trade before the Wall Street traders realize what is happening. Again there is one very big flaw in this model. If you think about it logically, and take and event such as the NFP news release, if the Nesdek Inc software follows the trend before the news release and place trades accordingly, how can you be sure that it hasn’t placed trades in the wrong direction, because once the news hits, the direction can change in a split second. Plus there has been no indication that the Auto Trader follows the news releases, or if it has been programmed to take that into consideration.

Whilst taking notes for our Nesdek review we were really unimpressed with Sarah’s evidence that the software works so to speak. Mike got Sarah to login to her account and to setup a couple of campaigns, they went for a walk, and came back. For the first time we were able to see her supposed account. Well for one, we never saw her account before she posted the campaigns, meaning to show us the second time does not count for anything, and neither does all the other people he mentioned in the beginning, because it is not like we have not seen fake bank statements before. You can order a fake bank snapshot for $5 on

If you ever receives emails from spammers that positively review and promote systems such as the Nesdek scam software, it is always wise to do your own research first, as it will save you a lot of time and money. There are some good day traders in the industry, and chances are, if a system is trusted they would know about it. If there is no clear evidence traders trying and trusting the software, then chances are you have landed upon a scam auto trader. About 90%-95% of Auto Traders released into the binary options industry are a scam or highly misleading, and chances are you are going to land on a few of those offers first before finding one you can trust. Look for red-flags like ‘time’s running out’, limit on spots & exit pop-ups.


Just in case you are still thinking about joining this Nesdek scam, here is a piece of evidence to put the cherry on the cake for you. Remember how we mentioned that the and domains were only registered in April 2016? To be exact, the sites were registered on the 23rd, however if you look very carefully at the screenshot of Steve Brown’s bank statement, notice the last login date……18th April 2016. Which of course cannot be true since the system was only officially registered five days later, which also means he has not even traded with it yet, when he showed his profits. To sum it up, don’t let your curiosity get the best of you, this is 100% pure fraud.

Review Verdict: Nesdek Inc is a SCAM!

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