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Vi anbefaler at du leser denne svært viktige gjennomgang om Shepard SDP Svindel som har blitt utgitt, and no doubt most of you already have a “special invite†in your inboxes. Before taking any steps and opening the email or registering for the Shepard SDP software, we believe that you need to know the truth, and be fully aware of exactly what you are agreeing to, and what you can expect when you make that all important investment into nettstedet. Therefore ensure to read this review until the end, as we truly have some very interesting points which we will be revealing, ensuring we stop as many traders as possible from making a very big mistake with this auto trader.

Peter Shepard is the presenter of the automated software he is so kindly offering to only fifty new traders today. It is funny though, notice the countdown timer just above the video, how it states that should the time run down the Shepard SDP software will no longer be available, yet if you do actually let it run down….nothing happens. So much for a bit of excitement and wanting to see the site crash. Anyways back to Mr Shepard, this might come as no surprise to some of you, but he does not actually exist. There are no trusted social media profiles or ID’s available regarding his true identity, which should be really weird since he claims to be the owner of a company, however we have learned in this industry and with all the scam systems floating around, that nothing is beyond extraordinary these days.

This of course leads our review to further expose that the so called company which is also called Shepard SDP has not been called into existence, as it quite literally has no information / documentation / registration details regarding this successful business that has been making traders hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Which puts into questions absolutely everything offered by Peter and the Shepard SDP scam auto trader which we are expected to just trust and open an account with.

This invitation will never expire. Here is a common pop-up used by scam sites.


How just how is this Shepard SDP software supposed to work? We truly wish we knew the details, as sadly even though we wasted a full 45 minutes of our time, listening to Peter’s sales pitch, we are still none the wiser on the mechanisms that makes the auto trader tick. Yes we are aware that there is some or other explanation regarding an algorithm that has been integrated into the programme which is effectively the secret behind what makes it so successful. Our question now is, where did they come across this phenomenon that is making people rich, and where exactly did the light bulb go on that this could actually work. At this point we do not actually believe anything said about the Shepard SDP scam, as there are too many holes in their explanations that needs explaining, which leaves a lot of doubt in our and other traders’ minds.

Of course most traders will realise the Shepard SDP software for a scam when they hear the claims of the system generating a 100% win ratio. However we dread that not many traders will know this, due to being new to the binary options industry. Which is also why it is important that should you know anyone looking at the Shepard SDP scam to share this review with them, to prevent anyone you know from losing money with this scam. As a first point, never believe any system or software claiming to generate only winning trades, and having zero losses, as there is no such thing as anything ever being one hundred percent guaranteed, if it was, then we would have so many accident babies in the world…..just saying.

We have also started to notice that some scam advertisers have started to use some very subtle and effective sales tactics during their scripts for the presentations. The sentences carefully integrated into Peter Shepard’s speech subtly leads you to believe that should you not act now, and register an account you will be missing out on the opportunity of a life time. By stating things like, if you get in on time, if you are accepted, if you pass the criteria, makes people believe that they might not actually even be accepted, let alone miss out. This then spurs them on to register for an account before doing the much needed research into the legitimacy of the Shepard SDP scam software & avoiding falling for this fraud system all together.


Til slutt, but not least of all, we would like to point out in this review that the timeline being presented to us in the presentation which can be seen on the website does not make any sense. When listening to Joel, the first beta tester giving his review of how the Shepard SDP software works, you can clearly hear him state that he has successfully been using the auto trader for at least six months now. Nonetheless if you do a quick search on the website, you will see that the system was only registered on the 7th June 2016, and during the pitch, Peter has gave us the “actual†date of the filming which was the 27th June 2016. This makes the software twenty days old at the time of filming, yet Joel claimed to be using the software for 6 måneder. Either he is lying, or he has been using a system which is actually on offer to us today. We would put our money on the fact that he is just lying.

The Shepard SDP software is a scam, and we hope this review has opened your eyes to know what to look out for when considering whether to register with a software of not. If you do find that you are of the many who have a special invite in their inboxes, we advise that you unsubscribe from their mailing list, as we have no doubt they will continue to send you scam offers as long as you stay on their mailing list. This review about the Shepard SDP scam just yet again proves why it is so important to do your research, and to be fully in the know for what exactly you are getting yourself into when investing into an auto trader, and if at any time you are unsure or questioning whether it truly could be legit, ask for a second opinion, before making the fatal decision and depositing into a system that is only going to drain your account.

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