One Step Ahead Program is a SCAM! Honest Review!

One Step Ahead Program

One Step Ahead Program Is SCAM

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The One Step Ahead Program is a ‘’ SCAM, read this review and discover how fraudulent this ‘money-making’ offer is! The website in question is and rest assure that you will not make a dollar with the help of this BS. Not every binary options service is a scam but today we gathered a few facts you shouldn’t ignore, as well as some lies we found on this offer’s page.

Having years of experience exposing scam services in previous reviews, we can spot commonly used actors that are hired over and over to literally read of a script and lie to unsuspecting day-traders. On the One Step Ahead Program’s offer page we found this exact method of deception implemented, the “so-called” developer of this software is just a testimonial actor, we managed to find his promotional gigs, vendor name is ‘Dezza123’ and he will say anything on camera for as low as $5! One thing for sure is that he didn’t trade with the website in the last months, he seems to be busy working on fake testimonials for scam sites.


Why would a serious software hire an actor to lie and mislead members into thinking that some fake guy traded for months using One Step Ahead? It seems like the developers on this scam are trying to take new traders a few steps backward… Don’t trust a website full of lies and deception and is not convincing at all! It’s funny how even the address for this operation is 213 Downing Street, London UK which based on Google Maps is a residential area, no offices or anything that looks like a business area.

Another obvious lie we exposed after observing this fraud is that even though they state that One Step Ahead Program is a few months in business, the actual domain was purchased last month, in November 2015 based on Who.Is website search.

Nothing adds up, the narrative is not delivered by a real person and is full of bogus claims. We have no choice but to conclude that we’re dealing with a worthless scam and not a serious auto-trader for binary options traders.

Let’s be logical, If One Step Ahead was such a successful program, why can’t they find real people to testify or at the minimum instead of using a lame actor with a ridiculous script? This type of nonsense may fool beginners but hopefully this review will save those who may be impressed. You can’t trust an offer that is based on lies and misleading information and this is exactly why you should avoid investing your money with the One Step Ahead Program! We encourage members of the program to share your feedback, impression and results below this review. At this point our conclusion is based on years of experience in this industry and all the obvious red flags!

Verdict: One Step Ahead Program is a SCAM!

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Binary options trading is a rewarding field but it’s risky as you’ll find many fake services out there, promising you millions ,only to deplete your account balance days later. Searching for a real review/s is really important before you choose a service or broker to work with. For better alternatives, visit Watchdog’s approved binary options signals, we test services and rely on members feedback. If you are completely new to binary options, a Free Demo Account is a great way to start! Thank you for taking a few moments to read our One Step Ahead Program review!

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