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Citi News

Citi News Is SCAM

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This is an important warning concerning the new Citi News scam, hosted on, a fresh new website ready to steal your money! Read this review before you invest with this fake binary options software. Let’s keep it short because there’s not much behind it, no Fiverr actors or a fake CEO name.

No vídeo, the voice narrator mentioned how the alleged Citi News innovation was developed by this Billionaire, who’s out there trying to do something good for society. Strangely but not surprising to us, they failed to mention his name during this entire presentation. Billionaires are usually easy to verify as they tend to be famous, the only conclusion we can reach from this red flag alone, is that there is no verifiable Billionaire behind this software.

The website based on Who.IS is only a bit over one-month old, yet on the second page after you give away your name and email, you’ll notice a bunch of widgets showing active members trading and profiting with the software. The videos are hosted on YouTube and barely have any views. This is a brand new software that came out of the blue, doing some research on Google we managed to find one review on a spammy site related to Citi News. Surely you would expect a Billionaire of a high status to manage to get more publicity on credible financial sites.

This is the video from the Citi News pitch page!

citi news

Another concerning element we encountered is the use of the Citi Bank Logo, who let them use it? Have no doubt that this Citi News scam software is not in any way connected to the well-known international bank. The fact that they decided to use the trademark ‘Citifor their theme, is completely illegal and goes to show how they attempt to mislead potential members into thinking they possess authority. The entire website is bogus and not to be trusted but if you are a member of the software, we encourage you to post negative or positive feedback below this review.

At we have extensive experience reviewing scam services, and doesn’t feel, seem or look right to us. Binary options trading can be a profitable field but you must always do your research and figure out if the broker or service you are considering to join, maintains a solid reputation and authority online trading forums and blogs. Neste caso,, you’re dealing with a deceptive money-making scheme.

Veredicto: Citi News is a SCAM!

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In every review we post we always encourage readers to conduct a good ‘Google searchbut if you find a review that doesn’t look authentic, don’t trust it and move on to a different website that can offer you facts instead of fake promises. Our team is constantly testing new services and based on feedback we established a List of Reliable Signals para opções binárias, however if you are completely new, we suggest that you start with a Conta De Demonstração Gratuita before you invest real money. Thank you for reading our Citi News review and don’t forget to share your feedback.

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