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Compound Trader Is SCAM

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Leia a nossa completa e imparcial de revisão sobre o Composto Comerciante golpe antes de bater de que o botão verde, depois de ter introduzido o seu nome e endereço de e-mail. Doctor Albert Henderson is the one and only presenter of the Compound Trader software, and the one informing you of “all you need to know”. If you have been considering the auto trader or reading up just in case it might be the next big thing, then you have come to the right review, as sadly we will be pointing out the exact reasons as to why this system cannot be trusted and is yet again nothing more than just another scam. Read the review in full and you’ll never dare to touch this deceitful fraud.

Doctor Albert Henderson introduces himself as an Assistant Professor, however nowhere during his whole pitch on the website did he inform us of exactly what he is a Doctor or Assistant Professor of. He did not tell us where he studied, his profession, or why he is in a position to be offering the Compound Trader scam system to us today. This all already makes us want to run for the hills as there are way too many unanswered question for an investment program that we potentially might invest into.


Now for the tricky bit, even though we have watched the whole presentation on the Compound Trader software and done some further investigation, we are still unsure as how exactly the auto trader works. Albert made a point to use some very complicated well sounding words during the video in order to confuse unsuspecting traders, but he never went into detail on dynamics of the system. The only information we were able to successfully gather is that the software finds two winning trades, whether it actually places these trades we are unsure, and then follows the trend of the two winning trades. It then works by reinvesting profits from previous trades into new trades placed, allowing the system to apparently generate a staggering $5k per hour.

You would think for a software such as the Compound Trader Scam you would have more of an idea as how the system works, because apparently they have been working on it for the past 7 anos. This also we find very hard to believe because when we did a search on we noticed that the domain name was only registered on the 14th July 2016, which also now puts into question Dr. Albert Henderson’s claim of making a staggering amount of eight million dollars with the Compound Trader software already.

One thing that almost immediately pointed us to the conclusion that the Compound Trader software is nothing more than a scam is the mere fact of Mr. Henderson ensuring he informs us of the luxury cars, casas, and holidays we would be able to afford should we decide to take his advice and register an account with the auto trader. Além de que, and the thing that probably got us the most annoyed during the ten minute presentation was the fact that he kept on going on and on and on about register now, fill in your details now, ect ect. It is almost like he is trying to drill it into your head over a hundred times in a few minutes, like he is trying to mind control you or something. Now let’s start concluding this review as the facts speak loud!

The sad truth about the Compound Trader scam is that there is not much details out there at the moment, which in a sense is expected since they only decided to pop up literally six days ago. The thing that should be standing out to everyone regarding this software is the fact that there is little to no information, no evidence, and made up stories of what the potential results could be. Even having a look at the so called social media reviews you will notice if you search for the pictures on google that you will find them there yet again being used on various other websites.

Ensuring you do your research before registering for a system such as the Compound Trader Software is the key to make sure you do not get it wrong and end up signing up for a scam. Furthermore if you are even the tiniest bit unsure about a system, it is always better to get in touch and ask us first if the auto trader can be trusted, rather than taking the risk and end up losing your life’s savings. Here at Binary Options Watchdog we always ensure we double check everything in order to point out scams such as Compound Trader and ensure we review all the facts in order to give everyone the correct details to make an advised decision on whether to register or not. We can only hope that you will make the right decision and think twice.

Revisão De Sentença: Composto Trader é uma FARSA!

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Luckily is not going as viral as most of the fake stuff we warn our subscribers to avoid. If you don’t trust our assessment, research will reveal many reviews that have concluded that the software in question is a waste of time. For complaints and disputes against any of the scams we exposed or didn’t get to yet, email us directly at and we’ll assist you without a fee. It would be nice to see some feedback below this review, which will surely help deter others from making the same mistake if you decided to give this one a try. Research is very important and some systems do work, but signals providers don’t find it necessary to lie and the positive consensus is usually clear when a quality service comes out.

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