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Push Money App

Push Money App Is SCAM

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The Push Money App is a dangerous SCAM, responsible for $1000’s of dollars in losses! In this review we will uncover the truth behind PushMoneyApp.com and the lies you’ve been spoon-fed by the alleged Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan, who in reality are are the lowest of all actors. Prior to the release of this review we gathered solid evidence to support our conclusion versus the many claims and promises that are backed by absolutely nothing.

The high production cannot fool us and we can spot liars from miles away. Take for example the fake checks that “members” of the Push Money App Company allegedly received. The website PushMoneyApp.com didn’t exist in 2015 based on Whois.net and in fact it was created last month which doesn’t match the date of the check below:


When was Push Money App Registered?


Clearly the above check is fake and there’s also no such company located in 1500 SW Broadway, Portland, OR or anywhere else, Push Money APP is a fraud because you clearly can’t confirm their location, ownership, profits by members and everything they would like you to believe. Usually when you try to search for a business based on the address, you will find a match on Google but in this case you’ll find that it’s just a random address.

You can’t afford to fall for this one because based on many complaints we know that they managed to get members to deposit $10,000 in exchange for a matching bonus, which locks your money with the broker until you can generate an extremely large number of trades. This is an important piece of information that Push Money App is keeping from you. It’s not a free gift by Dennis Moreland, it’s a trap to get your money locked with the collaborating scam brokers!


Not a Bonus, just another trap to get you to deposit more money with shady brokers.

This is also not an “invitation only” app, as anyone can join and lose money.

After we couldn’t confirm that this fake App is an actual registered business and exposed some of the many lies, we decided to see if Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan are real guys so naturally we looked them up on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google but the names never matched any of the many pictures we found and we are not surprised for a minute. You might find their names mentioned on fake review sites that are clearly endorsing Push Money App, but anywhere else you’ll run out of luck because they are simply just clever and conning actors, paid to lie on camera and sell you dreams. This offer is very similar to FastCash.Biz which we exposed last year and received 100’s of negative comments by members who were scammed in an almost identical way.

Based on reports by subscribers who contacted us via Watchdog Complaint Center, we know that traders are only losing money with the fake App and hopefully this review will prevent potential, future victims from falling for the lies because every single member who emailed us reported losing their account balance!

Review Verdict: Push Money App is a SCAM!

If you are not convinced that we’re dealing with a fraudulent money-making scheme after going through the facts we uncovered in this review, we encourage you to do your own research and you’ll reach the same verdict. We fear that this offer will continue and magnetize more victims and we encourage our readers to help share this warning on your Social Medias and in anyway you can so we can prevent them from stealing money from newbie day-traders who are looking for a serious day-trading opportunity. Please share your feedback below if you have any experiences, performance results or anything else to share with the binary options community.

For better alternatives to the Push Money App scam, we encourage readers to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals, we only list services that we test and confirm by the testimonials and feedback of other day-traders. For help with disputes, complaints you can comment below or email us and we’ll assist you free of charge.

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