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For those who have just joined the Binary Options game and are looking to get a trusted Binary Options Signals Software- your search has led you to the right destination. Most beginners like you are almost shocked to learn the number of software that are in the market. As opposed to other types of trading, binary options has more than its fair share of illegitimate software and scams- the kinds where you will lose your time and all your money. Deciding whether a software is a scam or not can be quite heard. This ability of being able to evaluate the legitimacy of a software comes after a lot of experience, and you can end up in quite the situation if you are not careful. However- do not worry- for helping you avoid a situation like this is exactly what we do. We will give you the details of those few trusted and proven binary signals software. These software are simple to use, highly profitable and provide the requisite support- something which is incredibly important for someone who is new to the binary options market. At, our sole aim it to keep you away from the scams and show you the profitable binary options signals that are there.

BinaryOptionsWATCHDOG: Putting the scams where they belong

Now differentiating a scam from the genuine ones is harder than ever. An increasing number of professionals are now involved in developing these scams, who do everything that they can for making it look like any of those genuine software- with the only difference being that you will never gain any money from these fake software. Despite of their efforts, there still a few ways that you can use to spot out the fake ones. The SSL Certificate is the first thing that you can look at. Since it is a very costly certificate, the chances of a fraud spending that amount are very less. Next, visit the website and go through the details- most probably, if it is a fraud, then the details will be incomplete. Check ot the offers as well- are they offering you a ‘limited period’ offer that has a free $500 initial bonus? If yes- then it is a fake. Fourth, visit and check the domain’s age- make a note of the starting date, its expiry and other details. These things will tell you a lot about the nature of the software. At BinaryOptionsWATCHDOG, we leverage the vast experience that we have in differentiating the fraud from the genuine software- and then we blacklist those fake binary brokers and signals after gathering substantial proof about them defrauding the users. This is the only method that can help save innocent people from suffering big losses in the future.

Genuine Forex, Crypto, Binary Signals: Our Recommendations

From the numerous trusted binary options trading signals out there, only a few of them will actually help you earn a profit, and are effective & easy to use.

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What is the best way to use the legitimate Binary Signals?

As you find the best binary options signals service that matches your expertise level, you just have to subscribe to it, register your trading account and add some funds to begin trading. The minimum amount that you have to fund your account with is a deposit of $200-$250.

If you begin with $250 deposit in the trading account, then stay between 5 and 10 trades in a day, with a maximum of $25 on a single trade. With these simple things taken care of, you will be able to generate a profit of $2,000 to $3,000 per month.

After the initial month, take out all the profits and leave just $250 to use for trading in the current month- or withdraw $250 and make use of the rest for making bigger trades. You can then start with trades that are in the $50-$75 range.

These are definitely among the best binary options signals software, and you just need to gain a bit of experience and a good judgment to get the amazing profits that you deserve!