A Review of the Empire Option

A vast majority of brokers are hard-working and honest with almost zero customer complaints. But brokers like Empire Option are more prone to getting customer complaints due to their previous work and their working style.

Brokers like Empire Option have spotty track records that end up harming the investors quite often. Their past record clearly shows their intention of doing business with their clients. Many of them came up with complaints regarding various issues associated with Empire Option.

Four months ago, I opened a live account with beginning equalisation of $3000. Everything appeared to be fine for a couple of months and my exchanging went well. Thus I was getting benefits. I had made $2000 benefit. At that point, I attempted to pull back $1000 but got an email from records office that 3 expensive exchanges from 2 months prior had been pronounced to be illicit and benefits were scratched off. This cost me $1100. That time I called the business to complain but they said their terms of administration permit them to scratch off any that they consider destructive for the financier. I grumbled again over telephone and they said they will check. Presently they are not reacting to me over telephone or email.


What is Empire Option?

They use the Spot Option trading platform which is highly regarded by many, or at least by those that write the reviews. They have over 80 assets available with numerous extras, including bonuses, contests, and gifts. Their minimum deposit is $150 and they partner with Binary Options Robot if you are interested in auto trading or signals. They also have a “Spot Follow” option where you can follow the leaders that are trading on their platforms.

Do Not Accept Bonuses:

You will be prompted by Empire Option to accept their amazing bonus offers. They offer to double your money or get some extra money out of it. Unfortunately, it is just scamming you into a situation from where you cannot withdraw your money.


Here are the deposit options and total trading deposit you will get,

  • Deposit of $200 – $250 Total Trading deposit
  • Deposit of $700 – $1200 Total Trading deposit
  • Deposit of $2000 – $4000 Total Trading deposit

Many times such brokers offer such schemes in which they display attractive package offers to the clients. For example, doubling your money or making good money out of investment. After listening to these, obviously anyone will get attracted towards them and in fact, that is happening continuously. After you get the big pocket money, they simply stop all your transactions and start ignoring you.

Withdrawing your money from Empire Option:

In normal circumstances, it takes 1 or 2 days to withdraw money once you provide them proper information. I tried to find every aspect but could not find any conversation in reviews or forums about the successful withdrawal of money.


They usually try to convince you that they are really the best and safest option. They later try to get you locked into one of their bonuses and then intentionally wait until you make some nice profit. I have come across many people saying that once they crossed $1000 they were unable to withdraw money. Many of them were completely locked out of their accounts, their IP addresses were changed and most interestingly some were offered their initial deposits back.

Empire Option does a very interesting thing. They convince you to invest and allow you to make as much money as you like. By the time when you get a big hit, gather plenty of money and feel ready to withdraw it, the customer service where you signed up suddenly disappears. It is a totally unprofessional and unethical manner of doing business.

Trading Phenomena:

The Trading Options Industry is a savage framework. With such a large number of tricky auto brokers and programming frameworks being released every day in the industry, one is pardoned in the event that they neglect to choose the performing Apps. In this event, misfortunes are the specialist’s blame. This can happen when a specialist endeavours to pile on exchanging commissions at the customer’s cost. There are reports of representatives subjectively charging to generate stop orders while other agents’ charges haven’t gone to that cost. Fortunately for dealers, this isn’t prone to happening. One must recall that exchanging is typically not a zero-aggregate diversion, and traders essentially make an order with expanded exchanging volumes.

In general, it is very beneficial for the long-haul customers who exchange frequently to maintain capital or make profit. On occasion traders can fall under the control of a fake organisation, putting on a show to offer similar administrations and level of client care which the well-known agents offer their clients.


One of the main signs is the absence of client administration. If the client benefit group is inaccessible amid business/exchanging hours, they most likely won’t provide you help when you request for your cash back. Another approach to distinguishing a binary options scam is by making a Google search to locate any negative tributes and audits on the organisation. It’s suggested you check out the organisation carefully before exchanging any information. It won’t help much to inquire about the organisation after you have officially subsidised your record.

Social Trading Scam:

Empire Option also offers social trading in which they are totally fraudulent. The Social Trader system finds the world’s best traders, checks their profiles, monitors their trading stats, portfolios and total earnings! The software will search a network of millions of traders around the world so it can find the greatest experts in binary options. You can use Social Trader signals to copy their trades from your own account.

There is no single social network connecting all the world’s traders. People join social networks through choice and there is no way that so many traders would all want a public profile where anyone could find their trading portfolio, statistics and all their earnings. Even if there is a network of traders, how can it be legal to make use of software that tracks all the earnings? These traders even don’t know that their actions are continuously monitored by some apps.


Often it happens that you saw some photos on social trader website showing some top traders. But in reality, they are having a totally fake identity.

There is no online audit from any merchant who has profited with this framework. The “Moment by Minute Updates” on the Social Trader site is from fake Twitter and Facebook accounts. The messages just demonstrate the main name of every part and don’t highlight any genuine usernames or genuine online networking accounts.

The Social Trader trick makes it look like an extremely restricted offer, so more individuals join and store cash into an associated dealer account. If the free framework is just accessible to 15 uncommonly welcomed individuals, the site will not remain on the web anymore. Every time we checked it out for this audit, the offer was still open to any individual who surveys it. It is clear from our Social Trader audit that this trick is endeavouring to draw in individuals who are new to double choices.

In fact, the social tech trader software has been in the news for general release for quite some time. And being a big name in the industry, Option Expert has been given an exclusive “first look” at the app to see how it measures up.

I really cannot express how excited I get when a new tech is brought to the binary options industry. But Social Trader Software was one the lousy trading system recently introduced into the market. Its creators claim that the trading app could fetch profitable trading signals, which will help its users make plenty of money. The makers guarantee instant wealth utilising the exchanging application. It is sure that Jonathan with his group is advancing a rich snappy framework. Have you ever asked yourself how an exchanging framework can transform you into a tycoon? On the off chance that you have faith in something like this, there is a chance that you can also be an option for such dishonesty.

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  1. I put in a request to withdraw my money ($1302) over 2 weeks ago from empire options and nothing yet. I haven’t called the US number but will do that asap. Also what is the deal with “free millionaire” system? I am assuming its scam because of the guys name. “max fortune”. its a $49 buy in which is different for a binary software program. thanks, Jeff

  2. In trying to invest with Option Robot they listed Empire as their broker (prior to their getting blacklisted) promising access to the robot immediately. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED AND THEY REFUSE TO REFUND MY $250. IT IS JUST SITTING IN MY ACCOUNT THERE. FURTHER NEITHER EMPIRE NOR OPTION ROBOT WILL RETURN EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS

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