The Saffa Method is a SCAM!

The Saffa Method

The Saffa Method Is SCAM

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Do not join the Saffa Method, it’s a scam and another version of the previously exposed, Метод Aussie! A few days ago the con-artists who are behind the first version of, came out with two other identical sites: The Brit Method and The Canuck Method. In this short review we gathered information you may want to evaluate before you join this fraud software. It’s getting really funny, but we must continue to inform you of thisduplicatefraud!

Let’s start with the previous Aussie Method Review

Does anything look familiar or IDENTICAL to you?!


Jake Pertu kinda reminds Jake Mason

Navigate to and you’ll notice that it’s exactly the same as the Saffa Method virtual rubbish. Every singlememberfeatured in the video is a actor! Browse the testimonial section on and you’ll find them quickly, the ‘overly excitedAfrican-American is a well-known spokesperson for many products and services. They have no real members and a terrible track record, based on the feedback we gathered after posting the review on the Aussie version.

When will they stop scamming people? It depends on how many countries they can turn into fake auto-traders! This is an obvious attempt to target newbie traders from different GEO locations. The Saffa Method is a scam on a massive scale and we must expose it before people lose their money. The by Jake Mason, who seems to have a different name each time, is a complete hoax and not a serious binary options service. If all the selling points are deceptive lies, why would you trust anything else they promise you?

We’ll keep this review short because there’s not much else to say. We already exposed the Brit Method, Canuck Method and the Aussie Method in details and Saffa Method is just another version of the same crap. If you made the mistake and registered with either one of thenativesites, please post your feedback below and help us spread the message. We really hope that new day-traders will do some research before they waste their money. Research is the key and should not be over-looked when deciding on a binary options broker and/or signals provider.

Приговор: Saffa Method byJake Mason” это лохотрон!

Exposing the Brit and Canuckmethods”…

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For better alternatives to The Saffa Method, посетите Watchdog’s Top Signals or start with a Бесплатный Демо-Счет before you invest real cash. Yesterday one of our subscribers emailed us and askedWatchdog why do you spend so much time writing warnings aren’t you getting tired of so many scams?” The answer is no. In the online trading industry, posting a review to warn the public, can save 100’s, and with viral offers it can save 1000’s of people from losing their entire investment. This is a duty and a commitment we have for this industry and we will continue to debunk every new fraud we find. Thank you for taking a few moments to read our Saffa Method Review and stay safe!

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