Atlas Intelligence is a SCAM!

Atlas Intelligence

Atlas Intelligence Is SCAM

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As we navigated to the next page on the Atlas Intelligence scam website, we came across Katie Harvey’s fake testimonial. Just a few days ago we exposed Profit with Cindy and the actress AKA “Cindy Taylor” hired via, is features on both websites, playing the role of a successful trader and a millionaire. The creators of Atlas Intelligence probably found her to be a talented liar and decided to hire her for a few dollars to lie once again with a short testimonial. If anyone else wants to hire Katie Harvey as a spokesperson or get a fake testimonial for a scam, you can find her on She will sell snow to Eskimos if you pay her and not to our surprise, we see her pretty face once again, this time she is promoting the website.

This is not another fake Atlas Intelligence Review!!!


The goal of this article is to expose Atlas Intelligence and warn you all about it in the most blatant way we can! We will do everything to deter you from making the mistake of signing up with this fraud. It’s really hard to separate the actors from the scam as they are willingly taking part in the fraud and provide fake testimonials for money. Shouldn’t Katie Harvey and all the rest of the scam artists be held accountable? Eventually the authorities will decide but in the mean time, we will continue and expose the actors who are cooperating with scams like the Atlas Intelligence and publicly shame them. We encourage you to confront her if you’ve been scammed by Atlas Intelligence as she is one of the folks who convinced you that this software is successful while in reality it’s just another coin flipping fraud. Obisk: Katie Harvey’s Fiverr Page. Remember that this is the same girl who is pushing the Profit with Cindy scam we previously exposed.

Atlas Intelligence is marketed fairly well with a new design and a recorded webinar on the front page, it doesn’t raise immediate suspicion but once you dig a little deeper you will find that it’s just another money-making scheme and there’s really nothing to it. Another concerning fact is that all the binary options brokers synced with this software are not regulated. They promise traders up to $2,345 v 60 minutes which is really hard to believe. “Everyday People like YOU & Me Claimed Their FREE Atlas Passport & Cashed In $68,572Now It’s Your Turn!” is the title of their website. Unfortunately for them, today is their turn to get on our blacklist! We encourage you to share your feedback if you signed up with If you have any questions relating to the software or any comments we would love to learn more from your experiences. If you are interested to trade binary options, check out our recommended brokers and signals providers and if you are brand new to online trading, a Brezplačne Demo Račun is the best way to start this journey.

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