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Disrupt Trading Is SCAM

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Ne zavede za minuto, Moti Trgovanje z domnevno Greg Hardman je PREVARA! Ta pregled je temeljil na dejstvih,, common sense and plenty of experience exposing similar offers. Whilst watching the presentation on the webpage for our review, we were a bit unsure of one thing, who is he trying to convince that his system is going to make us money, us or him? Be sure to read this warning carefully before you invest a dollar and don’t take the word of email spammers and baseless reviews.

New Review UPDATE as of June 11th: Disrupt Trading is now going completely viral and we received over 50 complaints. This is a highly dangerous fraud! In some cases traders are reporting credit card charges without consent, leading us to a firm conclusion that the collaborating brokers are scammers beyond a reasonable doubt!

Greg Hardman claims to be responsible for stock market crashes for the past 6 leta, by using his Disrupt Trading software. Res?? We are unaware of that many stock market crashes, we are aware of a couple but that is it, and there has definitely not been consecutive crashes over the course of six years. Plus, get this, he does this by using a glitch / an error that he discovered when he was just the techie being laughed at by the true big wolves of Wall Street.

Before we continue any further with this review, as in most cases we found that the Beta Testers are actually not real. Take for example Molly Pearson who claims to be making $12,750 every day with While doing a quick Google Image search, we found that it’s a fake image and possibly a stock image or a stolen one. Rest assure that Arthur Doyle, Andrew Femming and Christian Branson are fictional as well.


Back to the “invisible†glitch that Greg Hardman found, and now successfully using to operate the Disrupt Trading software. Using his own words he states that he is taking a big slice of their money from underneath their noses. This first of all sounds more to us that he is doing it illegally and taking what does not belong to him. Poleg tega, one thing you should always keep in mind, and that is the fact that he found this error whilst doing his previous work. He no longer works at his previous job, meaning he no longer maintains the technology. This in turn opens the system up for another genius to come along and find the same glitch, and believe us when we say that the instant the discovery is made, they will shut down the Disrupt Trading scam system, and there goes all your profits.

The profits you are expected to make whilst trading with the Disrupt Trading software is anything between $12k and $15k per day. Honestly we have never fallen for comments such as these and never will we. We review auto trader upon auto trader, and try some of them ourselves if we believe them to be reliable, however we are yet to come across a system that is able to generate around $1k consistently daily, let alone apparently making $15k in one day based on a $250 depozit. Yes we have found a couple that easily makes that on the odd day, but mostly the amount you are aiming for to make is more round about the $800 per day mark. Besides if you do the maths, there is no way you could reach those profits with a starting capital of two hundred and fifty. It would mean you would have to start trading by placing your full investment on one trade, and then your deposit plus profits again on the next trade, and so on and so forth. If not done this way you will never come close to even $12k.

Furthermore having a quick look at the remark that he made about causing market crashes for as long as six years. Well here is the thing, the webpage was only registered in April 2016, so how he therefore have been using this auto trader for years and counting. Not to mention the amount of money he allegedly made during those years trading with the Disrupt Trading software. In all honestly, the further we dig into this review the more we discover that we are being lied to, and that his is regrettably just another scam system being releases into the binary options industry.

To drive the stake further into the heart of the Disrupt Trading scam, when you scroll a bit further down the website, notice the lovely testimonials and pictures posted there. Issue number one, the pictures they used are taken from google, and a couple of them are actually true people with Twitter accounts. Of course it also go without saying that the video testimonials are fake actors as well, you can clearly hear that all three of them had scripts written for them.

If a binary options system such as the Disrupt Trading scam informs you that their secret weapon is a glitch, a loophole, an error, you need to run. 99.9% of the time the software presentations that state these as their reasons for the system working are scams. At the same time why would you take the risk that whichever one of the reasons mentioned get fixed and you lose everything? In case you are not aware yet, but systems such as the Disrupt Trading software that work with one of those errors are illegal, as they are considered backdoor software’s, you can read about these in your broker’s terms and conditions.

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The above reviews are detailed, visit Watchdog’s Blacklist for more information!

In case you decided to trade with Disrupt Trading scam, we encourage you to share your experiences, questions and over all feedback below this review. For help with disputes and complaints against fraudulent online-trading sites, we welcome you to contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll assist you at no cost.

Binary options involves high risk, therefore doing research before you invest any money is highly important. As a rule you should always register with reputable signals services, as well as regulated brokers with positive and realistic reviews. If an offer is too good to be true, you shouldn’t buy into it and let your curiosity mislead you. For better alternatives, we invite you to visit Čuvaj je Preizkušen Signalov, as we carefully vet the service providers and brokers that are currently receiving the highest ratings.

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